April 2, 2024

Center-Based Programs at Beekman Center Transition from Lansing to Ingham ISD on July 1, 2024.

Press Conference Presenters, Ben Shuldiner, Jason Mellema, Lyn Beekman

On April 2, 2024, Lansing School District and Ingham Intermediate School District held a joint press conference announcing the transition of operations of the center-based programs at Beekman Center to Ingham ISD on July 1, 2024.

Ingham Intermediate School District (ISD) and Lansing School District are partnering and developing a plan for equitable center-based programs for students with the most significant disabilities and support needs. Ingham ISD currently operates Heartwood School and Lansing School District currently operates the Beekman Center. This is the only remaining instance in the State of Michigan of an ISD and a local district within the ISD operating separate facilities with similar program offerings.

Effective July 1, Ingham ISD will begin operating all the center-based programs in the Ingham ISD service area. A transition of this size is very complex and has a lot of components to consider, and this joint effort is intended to minimize disruption to student learning as much as possible. Ingham ISD and Lansing School District have been working on this transition for over a year and have held meetings with staff and families multiple times to offer ample opportunity to talk through the transition. All Lansing School District employees involved in this transition have been offered a job at Ingham ISD or will remain employed by the Lansing School District.

Programs at the Beekman Center have been reviewed to determine which are center-based programs and what programs may move into a different learning environment. As a result, most of the programs at the Beekman Center will transition to Ingham ISD operations on July 1. Student programs that are transitioning to Ingham ISD operations will remain at the Beekman Center location. Ingham ISD is continuing to examine program and service needs, and assess Beekman Center’s infrastructure, facility and technology required changes. This transition will also increase efficiency while maximizing resources and professional expertise in this area.

Jason Mellema stated, “we believe that offering the same programming county-wide is in the best interest of our students. Combining center-based programs and services under one umbrella will provide equitable opportunities and resources for students. The implementation of a service area system will provide the best learning options for our students with the highest needs”.

Ingham ISD is eager to begin working with staff, students, families and the Beekman family in the years ahead.