Heartwood School Curriculum

Adult Transition: Life Centered Education (LCE) and Unique Learning Systems® are used to guide our adult aged students to prepare them in daily living skills, self-determination and interpersonal skills and employment. Teacher's rotate to one another's classroom and teach: Self-Determination, Cooking, House Keeping & Housing and Art Works.

CORE Vocabulary: CORE Vocabulary is for all individuals who require support to communicate and have a range of language abilities. CORE is a small set of commonly used words that support communication and language learning. 85% of what we say is communicated with only 200 basic words. We call these our "core" words. Core is consistent across place, topic and cognitive ability.

Daily Living and Social Skills:  Classrooms dedicate time for instructing students to complete productive tasks like washing tables, sorting and putting dishes away, folding laundry and vacuuming. Instruction may also include learning their name, age, working independently and attending to a task.Classrooms actively teach social greetings, sharing, personal space,  turn taking, waiting in line and making good-safe choices through the day.

Equals Mathematics: Equals is a Pre-K through Grade 12 curriculum that provides the best in mathematics instruction for educators who work with students in special education. It encompasses pre-readiness, fundamentals and higher order math skills.

MOVE® Program: In May of 2010, Heartwood School became a Model Site with MOVE International. MOVE (Mobility Opportunities Via Education®/Experience) is an activity-based program used in homes, schools, day programs and the community. Using a top-down approach, MOVE® combines the individuals' present abilities with an instructional process during motivational activities to help the individual improve their mobility skills of sitting, standing, walking, and transitioning - leading to improved health, independence, dignity and inclusion of the individual in the family and community. MOVE International

Read-it-Once Again: Read It Once Again provides a comprehensive curriculum that promotes and establishes an early literacy-based foundation for the development of basic skills. It incorporates traditional, familiar children’s literature into thematic units to promote early literacy. The curriculum includes objectives, activities, and assessments necessary to provide children with a language rich educational program. It uniquely uses rhyme, rhythm and repetition as the foundational approach to teaching, making this curriculum especially effective for children with autism, language delays, or developmental delays.

Readtopia: Readtopia is a comprehensive reading curriculum for middle and high school students with autism and other complex needs. It brings first-hand experiential learning into the classroom—teaching students standards-aligned social studies, ELA, and science content.

Social Studies and Social Studies: Themes are specifically designed for classrooms to embed into their routine.

Zones of Regulation & Superflex®: Zones of Regulation is a curriculum geared toward helping students gain skills in consciously regulating their actions. This in turn leads to increased control and problem solving abilities. Superflex ® is a Superhero Social Thinking Curriculum provides educators, parents and therapists fun and motivating ways to teach students with social and communication difficulties. 

Individual student focus is determined at their Individualized Education Programming Meeting. Students goals link back to the Essential Elements.