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Early On® is a network of services for families of children, birth to age three, who have a developmental delay or are at risk of developing delays due to an established medical condition or disability. Early On® partners with families to assist in finding services and supports for children. Services are free to families, and there are no income eligibility requirements. If families have a concern about their child's development, the Early On® team encourages families not to wait to see if they "outgrow" the concern.

How are referrals made to Early On®?

Early On® is for children ages 0-3. Anyone (family, teacher, friend, childcare provider, physician) may make a referral by calling 517.244.4514 or by completing a referral form. After a referral is made, an Ingham ISD Early On® staff member will contact the family to discuss concerns and conduct a developmental screening or evaluation to assess how the child is learning and growing, and if the child is eligible for services. All evaluations and services are free of charge. (For children ages 3-5, complete the Build Up Michigan form

What Early On® services are available?

  • Developmental assessments
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Special instruction
  • Service coordination
  • An IFSP (Individual Family Service Plan)   
  • Referral to another agency 
  • Support as the child transitions from Early On® services after age three. 

How does early on® help families?

During visits, families actively participate with their child while Ingham ISD Early On® staff provide guidance and referrals to resources. Families routinely share their daily routines and needs, which helps staff to better support those needs.    

Where are EARLY ON® services provided?

Families typically receive services in their home, at a childcare center, in-home childcare, or at a community Ingham Play & Learn Group.   

Family's Right to Service Coordination
If your child qualifies for Early On®, a Service Coordinator will be assigned, at no cost, to support your family to ensure your child receives the rights and services eligible.   

Family's Right to a Plan
If your child is eligible for Early On®, an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) must be written by the Ingham ISD Early On® team and you must be provided a copy. The IFSP must be reviewed at least every six months or whenever the Plan needs to be revised. The IFSP must show what is needed to support your child and family based upon your concerns, priorities, and resources. At least 90 days before your child turns age three, an IFSP must be written to address the next steps for your child following their third birthday. 

Families Right to Understand
If you do not speak English, use sign language, or use another method to communicate, Early On® must work with you to ensure you are able to understand the information being shared. 

Family's Right to Give Permission
Early On® must explain your child's evaluation and the services recommended for your child. You have the right to say yes or no to the services and supports offered. 

Family's Right to Support
You may choose to have a member of your family, a friend, or an advocate as part of your Early On® team with you at IFSP meetings. This may help you feel more confident about making decisions. 

Family's Right to be Told About Changes
You have the right to be told when a change is being made in regard to your child's services; and you must be given written notice before changes are made to your child's eligibility and/or services. 

Family's Right to Services in Natural Environments
Services for your child must be provided primarily in the home or community-based locations. 

Family's Rights to Privacy
No information about your family can be given to anyone without your permission. When your child leaves Early On®, plans for your Early On® paperwork to be maintained or transferred will be discussed. 

Family's Rights to Look at Your Child's Records
You may ask to see your child/family records at any time. You have the right to ask for a revision if you believe information in the records is incorrect. You may also ask to have someone else review the records.  

Family's Right to Disagree
If you disagree with your child's evaluation, you believe your child is not receiving the services needed, believe the law is not being followed, or your rights have been violated, you have a right to voice your concerns and be heard.

When you disagree, you have options:

  • Work it out informally by meeting with your service coordinator and/or your Early On® team.
  • Request mediation, which is a voluntary process where a neutral third party assists parents and providers resolve disagreements. Mediation is free. Call 833-KIDS1ST at 833.543.7178 or contact Michigan Special Education Mediation Program
  • File a written complaint with the Michigan Department of Education and your local intermediate school district to have your complaint investigated. Filing a complaint is free. Visit Family Resources or call 1.888.320.8384.
  • Request a Due Process Hearing if you disagree about the identification, evaluation, eligibility, or services related to your child. You may choose to have your Service Coordinator assist with this request. If your request goes to a hearing, you will need legal representation.  Review the Due Process Complaint Procedures or call 1.888.320.8384.

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