Autism Spectrum Disorder Programs & Services

Autism is a neurological disorder that affects an individual’s ability to communicate, understand language and relate to others. Autism is called a “spectrum disorder” (ASD) because people may have some or all of the characteristics, varying from mild to severe. People with autism may differ in ability and behavior because of the difference in the individual’s ability to process information from the environment and communicate with others.

Ingham Intermediate School District (ISD) offers programming for children pre-k through fifth grade for students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and services for students in grades pre-k through transition.

The major focus of Ingham ISD's ASD programming is to assist in the development of a broad range of functional abilities through meaningful engagement within an intentional, structured learning environment. The ultimate goal is for students to return to their home school district.

A continuum of instructional methods and environments are designed to facilitate meaningful engagement, adequate structure and routine, and generalization of skills.

The general education curriculum of the district where the classroom is located is implemented as developmentally appropriate, addressing the needs of each student. The program provides the opportunity for a full-day experience based upon the individual needs of the student.

Students with ASD may require support to access the general education curriculum. Ingham ISD's teacher consultants for students with ASD provide direct and consultation services in accordance with students' Individual Education Program (IEP).

Instructional services are designed to meet the changing needs of students as they acquire and generalize skills. Program staff and parents work collaboratively to enhance the child's communication, social, behavioral, cognitive, and sensorimotor development with particular emphasis on areas of need.

The Teacher Consultant of Autism Spectrum Disorders accommodates the needs of students with Autism to be successful in the school environment:

  • Assists school personnel with intervention strategies
  • Participates in and/or facilitates team meetings
  • Conducts trainings for educational staff, parents and community agencies
  • Facilitates accommodations to the curriculum
  • Aids in the development and review of behavioral interventions

100 Day Kit for Young Children

Knowledge is power, particularly in the days after an autism diagnosis. The Autism Speaks 100 Day Kit helps families of children ages four and under make the best possible use of the 100 days following the diagnosis.

ABA: Beyond Autism

ABA 101: A blog series dedicated to everything and anything about Applied Behavior Analysis. Scroll to the bottom of the page to download handouts.

  • What is ABA
  • ABA Common Terms and Lingo
  • ABA & Teaching New Skills
  • What makes ABA effective for children with Autism?

Education-Based Evaluations for Autism Spectrum Disorder

On the linked webpage, scroll down download the document.

This document provides guidance to schools to develop evaluation processes that ensure accurate eligibility recommendations, improve agency collaboration to reduce duplication, ensure a seamless process for families, and provide relevant information to inform the individualized education program process.

Autism Helper

We at The Autism Helper, Inc. are dedicated to empowering those who support individuals with Autism by providing resources, tools, and the methods to measure success. We aim to support teachers, parents, clinicians, and administrators by publishing daily blog posts at, creating curriculum resources, as well as conducting public speaking engagements and providing consultative services.

Family Support Subsidy Services - CMHA-CEI

The Family Support Subsidy Program is a state wide program designed to assist families who care for their children with severe disabilities at home.

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