Instructional Technology

Instructional Technology can refer to any technology that can be used to enhance teaching and learning opportunities for students. Instructional technology facilitates Ingham ISD's Mission, Vision, and Purpose by providing the quality classroom support needed to enable teachers and learners to access powerful learning through a variety of tools.


Instructional Technology is a very broad topic that can refer to cloud suites (like Google Drive or OneDrive), hardware (like Chromebooks or iPads), specific applications (like Kahoot or Pear Deck), or STEAM tools (like Makey-Makeys or Codable Robots). We are able to provide consultantion, coaching, and training for individuals and groups designed to focus on the best instructional and assessment practices when supporting the best learning of each student in our local classrooms.

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Adobe Connect

Ingham ISD uses Adobe Connect for online learning and remote technical support.


One of Michigan’s 28 Regional Educational Media Centers,  REMC 13 is a service of Clinton County RESA, Eaton RESA and Ingham ISD. REMC 13 also supports #517EdTech which is a network of teachers dedicated to the exploration of technology to support powerful teaching and learning in our local classroom. 

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