Collaborative Services

Ingham ISD provides various technology services to our local school districts and is able to offer a variety of collaborative services including:

Student Management Systems Consortium

Ingham ISD provides training, report writing, state reporting, help desk, application support, application maintenance, and server support for PowerSchool for six of our local districts.

Shared Network Engineering

Ingham ISD has a shared network engineer position which we offer to our local districts for advanced network support.  Several districts have taken advantage of this cost competitive support option for contracted and ad hoc services.

Hosting Shared Servers and Services

Ingham ISD hosts various servers and services for districts in our service area from individual server hosting to complete data center hosting.  We also offer a a shared content filter and filrewall which is used by ten of our districts.

Wireless Network Implementation

Ingham ISD can assist school districts with implementation of managed or unmanaged wireless networks.

Peer Technology Audit

Ingham ISD can facilitate a technology audit using a team of peers to evaluate the current state of operational and educational technology and make recommendations.

Other Opportunities

Ingham ISD provides other ad hoc services as requested and is interested in collaborating with our local districts to deliver cost effective technologies and support services wherever possible.


Ingham ISD and our constituent districts share a county-wide fiber network and broadband internet across all twelve public school districts in our service area.

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