Business & Finance

Business and Finance supports Ingham ISD's Mission and Vision by supporting our programs and services and by maximizing school and community resources. Our support to Ingham ISD and our local districts is provided in a number of ways. Our Business Office is responsible for the accounting, budget and finance for Ingham ISD’s $100 million annual operating budgets.

The Business Office performs the accounting, budget, and finance functions for Ingham ISD and our Business Services districts. Two local districts and two public school academies contract with Ingham ISD to perform business office functions for their district. 

The Business Office is also responsible for assuring that all grant applications and reports are completed timely and accurately and that all grant funds are expended in compliance with federal, state and grantor requirements. Grant Services also seeks out potential grant opportunities that align with the district's goals and objectives and facilitates pursuit of such opportunities.

Our Purchasing department assists Ingham ISD programs and local districts in the cost-effective acquisition of goods and services.

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Ross Bottomley
Finance Technician, Purchasing
Andrew Dravland
Director, Business Operations
Rebecca Hills
Assistant Superintendent, Finance and Business
Raelynn Johns
Director, Finance and Business