Ingham ISD’s Director of Facilities and Safety meets monthly with the Mason Police Deparment and as needed with the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office. These partnerships are key to making sure our buildings on campus are as safe as possible, and that we have mutually agreed upon language in times of an emergency.

Some of the items regularly discussed include:

  • Current issues in the area such as acts of violence, threats, etc. This can include local school district issues that may make their way to our district.
  • Planning for emergency situations
    • Are building maps updates with correct door numbers
    • What are the recommended reunification sites
    • How will officers respond
    • Tours of our buildings
  • Future plans/Misc. items
    • Police knox boxes on buildings with updated plans and badges
    • Scheduling visit sites (including 911 Dispatch)
    • Ideas and thoughts on improving safety, trying new things in small areas
    • Providing entrance fobs to the police departments, etc.
  • Reviewing/Updating Emergency Operations Plan and obtaining sign offs