Practicing Program

School to Work

Students gain both classroom and practical experience in the School to Work program. This program is an additional option within the SAIL Program. In the SAIL classroom, students gain an understanding of workplace expectations, acceptable behaviors, understanding of simple math and the use of money, explore career options and work with community agencies to better understand available supports. In addition, the School to Work option provides work-based learning and individual job coaching through our community partner, Peckham Industries. Our business partners are essential in providing real-life, work-based learning opportunities for students as they prepare to enter the workforce.

  • Classroom: Attain job skills, functional academic and daily living skills, explore career and housing options, and Transition Assessment
  • Work Experience: Exposure to paid work experience supported by Peckham Industries with a variety of job tasks and skills
  • Work Exploration: Gain unpaid work experience in the community with primary goal of being independent within the work place

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