Ingham ISD has established a Behavior Threat Assessment Management (BTAM) Team made up of school counselors, social workers, mental health specialists and administrators. BTAM is a tool used to prevent someone who is on the pathway to violence from committing actual acts of violence. The primary purpose of a threat assessment is to minimize the risk of targeted violence at school and create a process for identifying, assessing and managing students who pose a threat as set forth by the National Threat Assessment Center.

Ingham ISD’s BTAM team members include:

  • Mark Collins, School Social Worker
  • Noelle Duvall, Director of Mental Health & Wellness
  • Erin Falsetta-Petkovski, School Counselor
  • Pam Kunkel-Chappell, School Counselor
  • Denise Lycos, Administrator
  • Micki O’Neil, Administrator
  • Bill Patterson, Network Security Analyst
  • Steve Rusnock, Facilities & Safety Director
  • Jeff Smith, Administrator
  • Joe Wenzel, Administrator
  • Michael Zivsak, School Social Worker

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Steve Rusnock
Director, Facilities & Safety