Malcolm Williams School

Malcolm Williams School is operated by Ingham Intermediate School District and provides the educational program for court adjudicated male youth placed in the Highfields residential program. This partnership between Ingham ISD and Highfields has been in existence since 1974, providing students the educational foundation to return to school programs in their respective communities.

The children placed at Highfields are typically aged 13-18, length of stays ranging from 7 days to 6 months, and come from all over the state of Michigan. These children have had a wide range of academic experiences and challenges so their placement at Malcolm Williams School is often one of assessment and stabilization. The academic program is aligned with the Michigan Merit Curriculum.

Further information about Malcolm Williams School may be obtained by contacting Denise Lycos at 517.244.1354.

For more information, visit Highfields Residential Programs or contact the organization directly at 517.628.2287.

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Denise Lycos
Director, Emotionally Impaired and Adjudicated Youth Programs


5123 Old Plank Rd.
Onondaga, MI  49264

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Malcolm Williams School
1601 W. Holmes Rd
Lansing, MI 48910

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