Personal Curriculum

In Michigan, the use of Personal Curriculum (PC) for students with Individualized Education Programs (IEP) has proven to be a significant catalyst for improved graduation rates and outcomes. Personal Curriculum allows educators to tailor a student's educational experience according to their unique strengths, needs, and career aspirations. With this personalized approach, IEP students can explore subjects at a pace that suits them, delve deeper into areas of interest, and receive targeted support in areas where they may face challenges. As a result, students feel more engaged and motivated, leading to increased academic success and a greater sense of accomplishment. By empowering IEP students with the tools and resources they need, Michigan is fostering a learning environment that values individual growth and ultimately prepares these students for a successful future beyond graduation. 

Michigan Department of Education’s (MDE) Personal Curriculum Guidance 

Guidance from the MDE on the personal curriculum (PC) process. Ultimately, the PC process is unique to each district. The guidance provided by the MDE ensures consistency and compliance toward the goal of successful completion of high school for all students.   


Ingham ISD’s Personal Curriculum (PC) Process & Forms 

  1. Overview of Personal Curriclum Process and Checklist
  2. Request for Personal Curriculum
  3.  Personal Curriculum Meeting Invitation Process Tutorial (YouTube)
  4. MiPSE Personal Curriculum Plan Tutorial (YouTube)