Ingham ISD’s Safety Committee is made up of staff members representing various programs, services and buildings both on campus and off. This committee meets monthly to discuss safety initiatives, address safety concerns, discuss safety related to construction projects, plan safety drills and update our emergency operations plan. Ingham ISD Safety Representatives include:

  • Chair: Steve Rusnock, Facilities & Safety
  • Stacy Adado, Public Relations & Communications
  • Alexis Adams, Heartwood School
  • Karen Bachelder, Information Technology Systems
  • Nicole Belman, Facilities
  • Jennifer Bricarell, Student Instructional Services
  • Patricia Carroll, Student Support Services
  • Suzy Corbin, Human Resources
  • Noelle Duvall, Mental Health & Wellness
  • Tammy Fickies, Student Support Services
  • Rebecca Hills, Business Office
  • Denise Lycos, North Star School/Ingham Academy
  • Rebecca Larson, Early On
  • Jason Mellema, Superintendent
  • Jeff Smith, Wilson Talent Center
  • Susan Tinney, Human Resources

Questions regarding safety can be sent to Ingham ISD Safety Committee. However, if you notice an immediate safety need, please contact Facilities at 517.244.1235.