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Ingham Impact - Human Resources During COVID-19
Departments:AdministrationLocal District Services:Human Resources

In this podcast, we highlight the essential work of the Human Resources team at Ingham ISD.

Ingham Impact - Business Unit Shows Unwavering Commitment During COVID-19
Departments:AdministrationLocal District Services:Business & Finance

From the state level during this pandemic, there has been an assumption that administrative units can work from home and don't need to be in our buildings.

Ingham Impact - Together We Persevere
Departments:General EducationSpecial EducationEducational Programs:Early OnGreat Parents, Great StartSkills for Adult Independent LivingStudent Support Services:Occupational Therapy

Ingham ISD continues to educate and provide strong supports for students and families during COVID-19.

Ingham Impact - New Year, New Ways to Connect
Departments:General EducationSpecial EducationEducational Programs:Secondary Learning CenterStudent Support Services:Assistive TechnologyImpactful PeopleOccupational Therapy

A new year brings many opportunities to innovate and connect with learners.