The StarNET fiber network connects all local public school districts in the Ingham service area.  This collaborative network allows schools to share and leverage local and ISD resources to enhance educational opportunities in a cost effective manner.

StarNET uses include (but is not limited to) shared:

  • Server hosting and data center services
  • Web content filter and firewall services 
  • Student information system hosting and support 
  • Sharing data across disparate applications and databases
  • Sharing phone systems
  • and the ever increasing need for internet bandwidth


The StarNET Consortium Executive Committee, comprised of the Superintendents of the twelve participating districts, determines the goals, strategies, policies and procedures for the Consortium. It also directs the actions of the Lead Participant (Ingham ISD) on matters related to the day-to-day operation, management and maintenance of StarNET.


The StarNET Steering Committee draws its members from the Superintendents, Technology, Curriculum and Finance Directors in the twelve districts within Ingham service area.  The Steering Committee will meet periodically, as needed, to:

  • Recommend strategies, policies and procedures to the Executive Committee
  • Monitor and evaluate the success of the strategies in achieving the goals
  • Establishes workgroups to develop strategies, policies and procedures
  • Gather information from focus/stakeholder groups
  • Establishe, coordinate and assure compliance of WAN policies, procedures and agreements


StarNET provides an infrastructure that allows schools to:

  • Increase Learning Opportunities/Shared Classes for Students
  • Share Technology Staff and Services
  • Share Common Software Systems and Other Resources
  • Increase Bandwidth

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