2023-24 Courier Stops

GLES will pick up and deliver mail bins on Mondays and Thursdays. If you have any questions, please contact Heidi Pierce at 517.244.1202. 

  • Dansville Schools
  • East Lansing Public Schools
  • Holt Public Schools
  • Ingham lSD
  • Ingham ISD Early Childhood Services
  • Ingham Academy
  • Lansing School District
  • Malcolm Williams School
  • Mason Public Schools
  • Waverly Community Schools
  • Webberville Community Schools
  • Williamston Community Schools

Who is served by our courier service, Great Lakes Express Service (GLES)?

GLES provides courier service for participating school districts in the Ingham ISD service area.

When are courier days?

Courier days are Mondays and Thursdays (allow exceptions for days schools are closed and state holidays).

How do I send mail with the courier?

All mail being transported via courier service must be inside the courier bin. Please be sure to close bins on Monday and Thursday mornings prior to GLES arrival. GLES transports bins from Ingham ISD to participating district sites and returns bins to Ingham ISD from these sites. There are two sets of bins in circulation at all times. The bins at the district sites and the bins at Ingham ISD.

How does the courier work?

Ingham ISD serves as the home base, and each of the participating school districts has a "drop location." This is the only point of contact for GLES. Bins are picked up at Ingham ISD on Monday and Thursday morning and delivered to participating sites. Bins already at the sites are picked up and brought back to Ingham ISD.

I was told my courier mail did not arrive to the recipient and was probably held up at Ingham ISD.

Courier mail is never “held up” at Ingham ISD. GLES delivery days are Mondays and Thursdays - mail coming in on a courier day always goes out on the following courier day (allow exceptions for state holidays).

Could my courier mail be lost in transit?

GLES never opens courier bins, and bins are never opened during transit. Courier mail is never taken outside of the Ingham ISD mail room once it has been delivered unless enclosed in a bin for transit.

Does Ingham keep a record of the courier mail?

Courier mail is never opened, "logged" or recorded in any way while at Ingham ISD. The mail is transferred from the sending bin to the recipient bin.

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Heidi Pierce
Administrative Assistant


Begin Date
August 24, 2023

Last Regular Run
May 23, 2024

End Date
(all totes collected)

May 30, 2024

2024-25 Begin Date
August 26, 2024

No Service
September 4, 2023
November 23, 2023
December 25-29, 2023
January 1-5, 2024
January 15, 2024
February 19, 2024
March 25-29, 2024
May 27, 2023

When Ingham ISD or local districts are closed due to inclement weather or other unexpected conditions, courier service is suspended and will resume on the next scheduled pick-up day.