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Michigan offers two high quality free preschool programs: Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) and Head Start. Both programs use best practices to help 4 year old children prepare for success in kindergarten and beyond. 

GSRP and Head Start classrooms use research based curriculum and assessments to and hire highly qualified teachers to give your child the best start! 


  • Receive consistent payments
  • Add funds to your child care operating budget
  • Use grant money to provide free preschool to families in your community
  • Eligibility for additional government grants, such as a $25,000 start up grant
  • Access to additional transportation funding for children to travel to and from programming Engage families in your school or center who may continue to use your services for years to come
  • Partner with the ISD to promote your program Free access to the application system to support enrollment
  • Receive supports for an inclusive model for children with special needs
  • Align your preschool and kindergarten programming to ensure kindergarten readiness & a successful transition to school
  • Coaching for teachers and directors
  • Mental health resources and connections to Early Intervention Specialists
  • Support with analyzing data and setting actionable program and classroom goals
  • Free professional learning opportunities for all staff
    Topics include: curriculum, assessment, pyramid model, social emotional supports, behavior, literacy, & math

GSRP is provided in childcare centers or schools with a regular LARA childcare license. Eligible centers need a minimum Enhancing Quality Level or higher in the Great Start to Quality (GSQ) system. We currently do not provide funding for family homes or non-center based childcare.

Within 3 years of opening you would be expected to:

  • Hire qualified staff.
  • Have staff trained in the curriculum and assessment tool.
  • Operate in compliance with childcare licensing rules and GSRP statute, policies, and procedures.
  • Not deny or exclude children from GSRP enrollment or programming due to challenging behavior. 

Faith based organizations are also eligible to become GSRP providers with the following considerations.

  • Prayer and religious instruction may not be a part of the GSRP classroom.
  • In space used for dual purposes, there is no need to remove or cover faith-based displays.
  • Faith-based programs cannot restrict GSRP enrollment or staff hiring due to faith-based considerations.

Spring is the ideal time to apply but we accept applications for new GSRP providers year round.  Each center has unique needs, by filling out the  New GSRP Partner Interest Form now you will be connected with an Early Childhood Specialist who can help determine the most appropriate timeline for your center to begin offering GSRP. 

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