Our vision of the future at the Secondary Learning Center includes developing students to become:

Self-Directed Achievers

  • completes his/her local graduation requirements, local school special education requirements, or selected IEPC goals for those on a non-diploma track.
  • recognizes his/her talents and abilities through involvement in social, recreational and physical activities, as well as establishing realistic goals, priorities and action plans in academic, vocational and lifeskill areas.
  • implements routines, applies strategies and follows through to task completion.

Lifelong Learners

  • reads, writes, speaks, and computes at a level that allows him or her to function independently within personal, academic and vocational contexts.

Contributing Citizens

  • demonstrates a knowledge of behaviors that are potentially harmful and strategies for prevention and response. 
  • works cooperatively and constructively with others to manage conflicts, solve problems, and accomplish goals.

Information and Technology Users

  • uses technology to accomplish personal and vocational goals.