The Kennedy Center Partners in Education (KC-PIE) Program is a partnership between Ingham ISD and Wharton Center based on the belief that teachers’ professional training in arts integration is an essential component of any effort designed to increase the artistic literacy of young people. Ingham ISD and surrounding district schools are eligible to create an Arts Integration Focus School team that will:

  1. Participate in a three-day Arts Integration Summer Institute where educators and guest artists come together to deepen their understanding of arts integration;
  2. Receive support through a Professional Learning Community by sharing and learning about new approaches in arts integration;
  3. Host a teaching artist for an arts integrated crafted uniquely for their classroom;
  4. Report the results of their efforts in an annual report to stakeholders.

The most effective team includes administrators and teaching staff; however, a single teacher may also participate. SCECH’s are available for participation in the program.

Important Dates

Arts Integration Summer Institute

August 4, 5, and 6, 2020 at the Auditorium Building on Michigan State University’s campus

Arts Advocacy Breakfast

Held at Wharton Center, 7:30-9:00am
Date to be determined.

Professional Learning Community Meetings

Held at the Wharton Center, 4:45-7:15pm
Dates for three meetings to be determined.

Participation from School District: Superintendents and Principals are invited to attend any and all of the KCPIE events to obtain a deeper understanding of the role arts integration plays in teaching and learning. Also, school leadership can obtain resources to support more successful implementation at their schools.

Superintendents and Building Administrators are invited to:

  • Join the first day of the Arts Integration Summer Institute
  • Attend and invite other school supporters to attend the Arts Advocacy Breakfast
  • Participate in any or all of the Professional Learning Community meetings
  • Visit classroom residencies in their buildings.

Participating Teaching Staff will:

  • Attend all three days of the Arts Integration Summer Institute
  • Attend all three Professional Learning Community meetings
  • Plan with and host a teaching artist in their classroom
  • Report their results of arts integrated teaching

Cost of Program

Arts Integration Focus School Teams consist of one (1) or more teaching staff members at the cost of $200 per teacher. Building Administrators are invited to participate, as outlined above, at no additional cost. This cost allows for participation in the entire KC-PIE program: Arts Integration Summer Institute, PLC Meetings, Teaching Artist residency, and support from Ingham ISD and Wharton Center.

Arts Integration Focus School Team Agreement 2020-21
Team Member 1
Team Member 2
Team Member 3
Team Member 4
Team Member 5
Team Member 6
This team agrees to the participation requirements as described and agrees to provide the necessary support outlined, in service of incorporating arts-related and arts-integrated curriculum and instruction intended to increase the artistic literacy of young people.   (required)
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