Engineering Technologies

This is not just another high school engineering program! In this class, you will apply engineering, science, math and technology to solve open-ended, real-world problems.

Are you type of student that enjoys creating new inventions? Would you like to assemble a robot and learn what the parts inside the robots actually do? How about learning how a new vehicle would be designed and then getting the opportunity to build that vehicle along with a team of fellow students? If any of these statements interest you, then you are the type of student that should consider taking the Engineering Technologies course.

Some of the skills covered in this course include; SolidWorks 3D computer aided design software, how to use a 3D printer, how to design and troubleshoot electrical systems, using math and physics for product design as well as metal working including machining and welding. 

It is important to understand that right now in the U.S., there are many career opportunities for people with the knowledge and skills taught in this cllass. Engineers are broadly educated and trained in multi-disciplinary engineering fields will be prepared to take advantage of exciting career opportunities. Also, if you are considering post-secondary studies in engieering, this class will certainly give you an advantage!

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