Capital Region Technical Early College (CRTEC)

The Capital Region Technical Early College (CRTEC) will offer eight programs at the Wilson Talent Center(WTC) campus for the 2023-24 school year. Those programs include: Business & Risk Management, Criminal Justice (Law Enforcement), Culinary Arts & Hospitality, Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics, Educational Careers, Health Foundations, Programming & Mobile Applications and Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation. All CRTEC programs are three years in duration and include 11th grade, 12th grade and a 13th year. During the 11th and 12th grade years, students will attend their home school for half a day and the Wilson Talent Center for half a day. During the 13th year, students will complete their final math credit for high school graduation, be full time college students and will only  meet at the WTC once per month. These opportunities offer free tuition and books for students enrolled. Students do not receive their diploma from their high school until completing the 13th year, but are able to walk in the graduation ceremony with their classmates.

Students enrolling in any of these programs will be invited to an informational meeting in the Spring of the year prior to starting to learn about the CRTEC enrollment process.

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For Additional Information on WTC Early College Programs

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