Scholarship Opportunities

Students of the Wilson Talent Center (WTC) have the opportunity to earn post-secondary scholarships through a variety of ways. Many of the professional student organizations that our programs participate in offer scholarship monies to students for doing well in state and national competitions. WTC also hosts its own scholarship program each year for senior students. Applications for these scholarships will be posted in December. These scholarships are for WTC students only.

Scholarships are awarded during an elegant dinner celebration in mid-March of each year along with our Wall-of-Fame recognition. In March of 2018, nearly $20,000 was awarded through this program.

  • Colin Nethaway Memorial Scholarship Application (Automotive Technology students only)
  • John N. Bechtel Memorial Scholarship Application (Automotive Technology students only)
  • Timothy C. Nixon Memorial Law Enforcement Scholarship Application (Law Enforcement students only)
  • Student Success Scholarship Application (open to students of any WTC program)
  • Community Partner Scholarship Application (open to students of any WTC program)
  • Troy Eaton Memorial Welding Scholarship (Welding Technology students only)
  • Ron Webber Foundation Scholarship (Construction Technology and Welding Technology students only)

Individual program instructors may also know of industry specific scholarships that students can apply for.