High School Credit

Students who successfully complete a Wilson Talent Center (WTC) program are eligible to earn up to three high school credits for the half day that they spend at the WTC. Please see the table below provided by the Michigan Department of Education regarding Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC) credit options for CTE programs. These MMC credits for our CTE programs may be used to fulfill graduation credit requirements at our student's local district.

Credit Waived Up to: Personal Curriculum Required: Legislation Authorization:
1 Science No MCL 380.1278b(1)(b)
1 World Language No MCL 380.1278a(2)(2)
1 Social Studies Yes MCL 380.1278b(5)(h)
1 Health and Physical Education Yes MCL380.1278b(5)(i)
1 Visual Performing Applied Arts Yes MCL 380.1278b(5)(j)

Additional details can be found at: Michigan Merit Curriculum Information

The WTC provides districts the below credit options based off the embedded content in our program(s).

Senior Math: All WTC programs have the district option to utilize senior year math.

English: Select WTC programs have the district option to utilize 1/2 of an English credit.

WTC provides the below college level course that students can apply to enroll in:

Ferris State University (FSU) English 150:

Students can apply to take ENGL 150 and 250 for college and/or high school credit. Emails are sent to students and contact counselors two times each year regarding the enrollment process with specific class information based on their WTC program.

Our Introduction to Career & Technical Education program is not a state-approved CTE program. This program is eligible for the 4th year math credit, but not other CTE credit options.

Note: Local school districts approve and award all academic credit.