Articulated College Credit

Students who successfully complete their Wilson Talent Center (WTC) program have the opportunity to earn articulated college credit from a variety of colleges and/or universities.

What is Articulated Credit?

Articulated credit is college credit earned while a student is in high school. The credit is awarded for a career and technical education high school course that is associated with a comparable college-level course, for which there is a signed articulation agreement between the CTE program and the college. Articulated credit can then be applied towards a degree or certificate program as long as the student applies to that college  or university. Some schools may require that students take a knowledge based test to earn the credit.

Expand the Articulated College Credit window below to see by program what credit is available. Note that additional articulated credit may be available specific to one program only.

Articulated credits granted are subject to change and approval of the WTC instructor is required. Additional colleges may offer articulated credit. See the program specific articulation document on the program page. Students must meet requirements of the post-secondary institution to receive credit, it is not automatic for participating in the program.

Articulated Credits by Program 2022-23 School Year

Program LCC Baker Davenport Ferris Jackson College Washtenaw           Comm College
Automotive Technology 10 12 NA 16 NA 4-8
BioScience Careers 4 NA 21 NA NA NA
Business & Risk Management NA NA 27 6 NA NA
Capital Area Patient Care Technician NA NA 28 NA NA NA
Construction Technology NA NA 13 NA NA NA
Cosmetology NA NA 19 12 20 NA
Criminal Justice  (if both classes are taken) NA 12 9 6 12 NA
Culinary Arts & Hospitality NA 5 18 9 NA NA
Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics 6 3 25 NA 16 NA
Engineering Technologies 3 NA 6-19 NA NA NA
Health Foundations 3 8 10 2 3 1
Investigations NA 6 9 NA 6 NA
Law Enforcement NA 9 6 6 6 NA
Manicuring NA NA NA NA NA NA
Medical Assistant NA NA 9 NA NA NA
New Media 2 NA 9 3 NA NA
Precision Machining Technology 7 NA 13 NA NA NA
Programming & Mobile Applications 10 12 24 12 NA 10
Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation NA NA pending NA NA NA
Welding Technology 12 15 19 4 NA 15