All Staff (By Department)


Business Office

Name Position Phone
Coburn, Nicole Administrative Assistant 517-244-1248
Eisinger, Dianne Accountant, Business Unit-Business & Grant Service 517-244-1206
Hills, Rebecca Business Supervisor 517-244-1294
Johns, Raelynn Business Unit Accountant and Business Services Accountant 517-244-4516
Jones, Carolyn Purchasing Specialist 517-244-4531
McNamara, Helen Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Business 517-244-1237
Nance, Marijane Pupil Accounting Auditor and Attendance Officer 517-244-1203
Nuffer, Carrie Accountant, Business Office and Business Services 517-244-4515
Platte, Jill Finance Technician, Business Unit 517-244-1236

Capital Area Career Center

Name Position Phone
Adams, Niki Instructor, New Media 517.244.1318
Ballentine, Richard Specialist, CACC Enrollment, RTI & Transition 517-244-1383
Brown, Jack Associate Principal, CACC 517-244-1303
Cochran, Kathleen Instructor, Cosmetology 517-244-1325
Comer, Ann Instructor, Health Occupations 517-244-1311
Eaton, Christine Curriculum Coordinator, CACC 517-244-1360
Egerer, Terry Administrative Assistant, Student Assistance 517-244-1306
Erickson, Brad Math, Work-Based Learning Placement Specialist 517-244-1315
Greathouse, Becky Data Systems Technician 517-244-1301
Grossman, Jeffrey Instructor, Welding 517-244-1398
Johnson, Gerald Instructor, Construction Technology 517-244-1397
Mills, Joan Health Sciences Specialist 517-244-1341
Shaw, Tami Instructional Assistant, Auto Technology 517-244-1331
Stump, Deborah Mathematics, Pre-Professional Skills Specialist 517-244-1382
Teremi, Sandra Instructor, Health Occupations 517-244-1355
VanAcker, Hyonju Curriculum, College & Career Prep Technician 517-244-1352
Wantor, Deb Administrative Assistant, Principal, CACC 517-244-1302
Westenberg, Scott Instructor, Automotive Technology 517-244-1343
Wilson, Patricia Instructor, Cosmetology 517-244-1321

Career Services & Technical Education

Name Position Phone
Baker, David Instructor, Programming and Mobile Applications 517-244-1322
Barnes, Craig Instructional Assistant, Welding 517-244-1326
Brougher, Robert Paraprofessional, Ingham Academy 517-342-2692
Daman, Lindy Career Assessment / Transition Coordinator 517-244-1370
Dodak, Mark I A, Programming, Databases, Web Design 517-244-1300
Easterling, Randall Instructor, Precision Machining Technology 517-244-1325
Garcia, Carlos Instructor, Cyber Security & Digital Forensics 517-244-1335
Guetschow, Paul Instructor, Engineering 517-244-1342
Janeski, Corrie Administrative Assistant
Kilbridge, Amy Instructor, Applied Academics/English Language 517-244-1273
LaRue, Michael Work-Based Learning Coordinator 517-244-1328
Liberti, Julie Teacher, Aviation 517-244-1373
Miller, Laurie Instructor, Medical Technology Careers 517-244-1347
Miller, Timothy Instructional Assistant, Construction Technology 517-244-1339
Noecker, Adria Instructor, CAHEP 517-364-3068
Smith, Meegan Instructional Assistant, Culinary Arts 517-244-1340
West, Toby Instructor, Bioscience Careers 517-244-1357
Zieger-Conrad, Rae Budgetary Technician, CACC 517-244-1366

Cooperative Acquisitions

Name Position Phone
Corner, Nancy Managing Director, Coop Acquisitions Project 517-244-4534
Drake, Erik Coordinator, Cooperative Acquisitions REMC 517-244-1479
Rommeck, Erin Administrative Assistant 517-244-1465

Data Systems Analysis

Name Position Phone
Endahl, John Data Services Specialist 517-244-1233
Trout, Kelly Data Systems & Analysis Specialist 517-244-1261

Early Childhood Services/Referrals

Name Position Phone
Baisel, Katherine Early Childhood Special Education Teacher 810.844.1872
Blair, Sandra Teacher, Early Childhood Special Education 517-881-6598
Brewer, Emily Supervisor, Early Childhood Education 517-258-2227
Chase, Kristan Teacher, Early Childhood Special Education 734-219-9093
Chumbley, Megan Early Childhood Specialist 517-244-1240
Deal, Nancy Teacher, Early Childhood Special Education 1-608-616-0795
Fiebernitz, Kim Early Childhood Specialist 517-244-4526
FoyOtero, Barbara Teacher, Early Childhood Special Education 517-894-7975
Goodwin, Elizabeth Physical Therapist 517-898-6497
Hoene, Karen Early On Service Coordinator 517-420-2858
Hunt, Lisa Teacher, Speech & Language Impaired/SLP 517-898-6493
Johnson, Paula Occupational Therapist 517-282-9048
Kessel, Linda Teacher, Early Childhood Special Education 517-256-6954
Larson, Rebecca Physical Therapist, Early On 517-898-6498
Lindeman, Jennifer Administrative Assistant, ECSE and Early On 517-244-1430
Marble, Chelsea Speech & Language Pathologist , EO 906-440-3944
McPhillips, Anne Paraprofessional, AI 517-333-7870
Mervyn, Corrie Supervisor, Early Childhood Education 517-244-1297
Roth, Emily Early Childhood SE Teacher Specialist 313-744-6160
Schubert, Kathryn Teacher, Speech & Language Imp/SLP 517-898-6496
Webber, April Physical Therapist 616-263-1914
White, Leone Preprimary Physical Therapist 517-648-1913
White, Stephanie Early Interventionist 517-525-2486
Wilson, Tamara Early Interventionist 313-312-0625

Evergreen Program

Name Position Phone
Cassel, Stacy Paraprofessional, Evergreen Program 517-244-1305
Cunningham, Keith Paraprofessional, EI 517-244-1363
Keel, Karen Instructor, Evergreen Program 517-244-1363
Miles, Robert Paraprofessional, Evergreen Program 517-244-1305


Name Position Phone
Edmondson, Corey Head Custodian 517-244-1423
Evans, Robert Head Custodian 517-244-1313
Hoornstra, Ronald Head Custodian 517-244-1256
Rusnock, Steve Facilities and Safety Manager 517-244-1229
Starin, Rick Facilities Specialist 517-244-1222

Great Parents, Great Start

Name Position Phone
Cooks, Dorothy Parent Educator 517-244-1433
Schaudt, Blanche Parent Educator 517-803-1328

Heartwood Main Office

Name Position Phone
Booth, Jim Paraprofessional, HWS 517-244-1455
Cater, Kristi Paraprofessional, HWS 517-244-1458
Keith, Kimberly Paraprofessional, HWS 517-244-1422
Lynch, Eric Teacher, SXI, HWS 517-244-1455
Matney, Anita Paraprofessional, HWS 517-244-1458
Naeyaert, Denise School Social Worker, HWS 517-244-1274
Seigo, Linda Paraprofessional, HWS 517-244-1457

Human Resources

Name Position Phone
Courter, Jackie Human Resources Specialist 517-244-1269
Little, Brenton Supervisor, Payroll, Benefits and Human 517.244.1217
Schindewolf-DeShais, Rhiannon Administrative Assistant 517-244-1204
Tinney, Susan Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources and Organizational Development 517-244-1289

Information Technology Services

Name Position Phone
Bachelder, Karen Help Desk Technician 517.244.1245
Galbraith, Kevin Director of Information Technology Services 517-699-0281
Gascon, Heidi Instructional Technology Consultant 517-244-1286
Gaydos, Jonathon Developer/Report Writer Specialist 517-244-1209
Gottleber, Scott Network Analyst 517-244-4519
Hatfield, Melinda Help Desk Technician 517-244-1467
Holiday, Robert Technical Support Specialist 517-319-3017
KahNah, Zyaire Business Process Analyst 517-244-1221
Kobliska, Brian Database and Applications Analyst 517-244-1216
Lilly, Mike Director of Information Technology Services 517-244-1257
Palme, David Director of Information Technology Services 517-319-3039
Patterson, William Technical Support Specialist 517-244-1201
Ritter, Mac Help Desk Technician 517.244.4518
Shauver, Andrew Instructional Technology Specialist 517-244-1290
Smith, Bryan Database 517-244-1243
Taylor, Jeff Technical Support Specialist 517-244-1228
Thomas, Chris Desktop Engineer 517-244-4529
Tilley, Daryl Executive Director, Info System Tech Services 517-244-1278
Vogel, Jack Network Analyst 517-319-3017

Malcolm Williams

Name Position Phone
Earl, Denise Teacher, E.I., MWS 517-244-1489
Weidner, Carrie Teacher, E.I., MWS 517-244-1483

Payroll and Benefits

Name Position Phone
Bohr, Stacie Special Education Finance & Pupil Accounting Supervisor 517-244-1288
Ciavattone, Lindsey Payroll and Benefits Specialist 517-244-1223
Dobbs, Susan Payroll & Benefits Accountant and Coordinator 517-244-1234
Kandell, Sarah Lead Payroll and Benefits Specialist 517-244-1218
Williams, Nicole Payroll and Benefits Specialist 517-244-1292

Public Relations and Communications

Name Position Phone
Lowe, Anna Receptionist and Public Relations & Communications Administrative Assistant 517-244-1202
O'Neil, Micki Director, Public Relations and Communications 517-244-1212
Parkinson, Sara Communication Specialist 517.244.1231
Thomas, Lonnie Admin Assistant, Public Relations & Communications 517-244-1287

Pupil Accounting

Name Position Phone
Cameron, Leah Pupil Accounting Specialist 517-244-1207

School Development Services

Name Position Phone
Nicholson, Michelle Director of Early Childhood Services 517-244-1384

Secondary Learning Center

Name Position Phone
Collins, Mark School Social Worker 517-244-1353
Heubel, Nancy Admin Assistant, EI Student Programs 517-244-1350
Knuth, Bill Teacher, EI, SLC 517-244-1386
Mayhew, Angela Teacher, EI, SLC 517-244-1392
Moore, Christopher Paraprofessional, EI 517-244-1350
Rived, Linda Teacher, EI, SLC 517-244-1388
Ross, Amanda Paraprofessional 517-244-1350
Sigh, Marcus Teacher, E. I. 517-244-1390
Stokes-Wright, Lori Paraprofessional, SLC 517-244-1350
Sturdivant, Michael Paraprofessional, SLC 517-244-1391

Special Education

Name Position Phone
Austin, Wendi Teacher, Special Education, SAIL Program 517.244.1312
Baldwin, Amy Data Support Technician & Admin Assistant, SIS 517-244-1208
Beuchert, Dawn Administrative Assistant, Main Office-Clinic, HWS 517-244-1420
Booth, Lisa Teacher, Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder 517-896-5323
Boyce, Wendy Great Start Collaborative Co-Coord and Specialist 517-244-1246
Chapman, JuLee Program Specialist 517-244-1427
Clark, Jill Paraprofessional, HWS 517-244-1455
Cooper, David Paraprofessional, HWS 517-244-1320
Corson, Timothy Teacher, SE, HWS 517-244-1458
Couturier, Liz Occupational Therapist 517-244-1424
Coward, Debra Paraprofessional, HWS 517-244-1456
DeLong, Patricia Occupational Therapist, EO 517-303-9768
Dickie, Renee Administrative Assistant, Staff Services, HWS 517-244-1406
Dodson, Sara Teacher, Special Education, HWS 517-244-1448
Eifert, Pamela Paraprofessional, HWS 517-244-1312
Fitzgerald, Marie Paraprofessional, Heartwood School 517-244-1456
Fraley, Amanda Paraprofessional, Ingham Academy 517-342-2692
Frank, Paul Teacher, Adaptive Physical Education 517-244-1478
Gill, Lori Teacher, Speech & Language Impaired 734-386-0491
Green, Kerstyn Teacher, Special Education, HWS 517-244-1374
Halsey, Brian Paraprofessional, SLC (.5) & Evergreen (.5) 517-244-1350
Harmon-Kenroy, Charlys Paraprofessional, HWS 517-244-1320
Harmon-Kenroy, Charlys Paraprofessional, HWS 517-244-1320
Hluchaniuk, Shannon Paraprofessional, ASD 517-655-2855
Hodges, Kayla Paraprofessional, HWS 517-244-4520
Janicki, Joanne Physical Therapist 517-244-1419
John, Dillon Paraprofessional, EI 517-342-2692
Joiner, Robyn Paraprofessional, HWS 517-244-1455
Jordan, Rabecca Paraprofessional, HWS 517-244-1450
Kerns, Debra Admin Asst, Student Support Svcs & Early Child 517-244-4514
Kindel, Rebecca Paraprofessional, HWS 517-244-1449
Konietzko, Kelly Occupational Therapist 517-574-1163
Kribs, Sara Teacher, SE, HWS 517-244-1320
LaCross, Tara Speech & Language Pathologist 517-282-2281
Lamke, Jamie Paraprofessional 517-244-1443
LaRoe, Chris Teacher, Early Childhood Special Education 517-244-1443
Lennox, Bonnie Speech Pathologist 517-295-3725
Love, Rebecca Physical Therapy Assistant 517-244-1419
Lund, Elizabeth Teacher, Mathematics 517-342-2692
Lureau, Lynn Paraprofessional, HWS 517-244-1422
Lycos, Denise Principal, Emotionally Impaired Programs 517-244-1354
Martin, Brandon Paraprofessional, HWS 517-244-1454
Meyer, Cheryl Occupational Therapy Assistant 517-244-1424
Miller, Linda Teacher, Autism Spectrum Disorder 517-655-2855
Neeb, Sara Paraprofessional, HWS 517-244-1454
Nohel, Kayla Paraprofessional, ASD 517-655-2855
Perconti, Roberta Director of Student Instructional Services 517-244-1213
Puleo, Annette Teacher, E.I. 517-244-1305
Ramos, Angela Paraprofessional, HWS 517-244-1320
Reed, LeeAnn Teacher, English/Language Arts 517-342-2692
Rice, Timicka Paraprofessional, Ingham Academy 517-342-2692
Rutan, Michelle Transition Coordinator/Consultant 269-599-3326
Showers, Kirk Teacher, SE, HWS 517-244-1422
Showers, Scott Paraprofessional, HWS 517-244-1450
Steen, Zarrin-Taj Teacher, Social Studies 517-342-2692
Stewart, Jennifer Paraprofessional, HWS 517-244-1445
Voss, Nancy Paraprofessional, HWS 517-244-1312
Whitman, Liisa Paraprofessional, HWS 517-333-7870
Wieger, Rebecca Teacher, SE, HWS 517-244-1449
Williams, Phyllis Paraprofessional, HWS 517-244-1458
Wyatt, William Paraprofessional, HWS 517-244-1422
Young, Susann Paraprofessional, Health Services Aide 517-244-1403
Zink, Pam Administrative Assistant, Student Services, HWS 517-244-1401

St. Vincent's Home

Name Position Phone
Argenta, Marianne Teacher, St. Vincent 517.323.4734
Chilcote, Lois Paraprofessional, St. Vincent 517-323-4734
Platt, Eileen Paraprofessional, St. Vincent 323-4734 x1331

Student Instructional Services

Name Position Phone
Couturier, Richard Education Evaluation Regional Coordinator & Facilitator 517-244-4527
Foster, Lisa Early Childhood Specialist 517-244-4513
Martin, Lanea MTSS Consultant 517-244-4528
Morsi, Courtenay Instructional Data Innovation Consultant 517-244-4523
Proebstle, Shelly Literacy Consultant, K-12 517-244-1281
Quinn, Chris Admin Assistant, Student Instructional Services 517-244-1285
Ruh, Michelle Literacy Consultant, K-12 517-244-1394
Slee, Lara School Improvement Facilitator and MTSS Coach & Academic Coach 517.244.1244
Williams, Sean Supervisor, Student Instructional Services 517-244-1271

Student Support Services

Name Position Phone
Allen, Abby Supervisor, Student Support Services 517.244.1272
Andrews, Christian Paraprofessional, HWS 517.244.1439
Basore, Lisa Teacher Consultant, ASD 517-749-8621
Becker-Utess, Tara Academic Consultant 517-244-1224
Bickerstaff, Jane Audiologist 517-614-2125
Blanchard, Anja Physical Therapist 517-449-7047
Block, Douglas School Social Worker 517-488-2054
Booth, Philip Assistive Technology Consultant 517-230-0848
Burling, Karen Teacher Consultant, Students with ASD 616-288-4764
Coelho, Denise Kee School Social Worker 517-281-6015
Diedrich, Mary Speech & Language Pathologist 517-521-3071 x209
Dishman, Diane Data Technician, SE & Early Childhood Records 517-244-1283
Dole, Jeff Teacher, Mathematics 517-342-2692
Farmer, Diana Teacher Consultant, Special Education 517-525-5912
Fedokovitz, Krisan School Psychologist 517-618-1987
Fickies, Tammy Occupational Therapist 517-851-7735x3106
Fisher, Mary Jill Physical Therapist 517-927-9319
Forsberg, Jane Teacher Consultant, Hearing Impaired 517-285-3577
Fowler, Jodie Occupational Therapist 406-285-1259
Gehl, Ellen Speech & Language Pathologist 517-712-0149
Harrington, Lanette Paraprofessional, HWS 517-244-1456
Harris, Shelly Admin Assistant, EI Student Programs 517-342-2692
Hausbeck-Miller, Kathleen Audiologist 616-826-0190
Hill, John Paraprofessional 517-244-1312
Hill, Olivia Paraprofessional, Heartwood School 517-244-1443
Kaufman, Nicole Teacher, Adaptive Physical Education 517-614-8582
Lee, Deborah Paraprofessional 517-333-7870
Mainz, Janet T/C Hearing Impaired 517-258-0442
McKee, Eileen School Psychologist 989-787-0387
Meade, Ann Speech & Language Pathologist 989-249-3580
Minshall, Leanne Admin Asst, Student Support Svcs & Early Child 517-244-1298
Pakonen-Zubal, Mya Occupational Therapist 517-648-5666
Pearce, Danielle Paraprofessional, HWS 517-244-1374
Perrin, Susan Teacher, Adaptive Physical Education 517-643-2216
Pushman, Tatiana Teacher Specialist, Visually Impaired 305-962-6974
Rable, Andrew Director of Student Support Services 517.244.1263
Redman, Danielle GSRP Technician & Admin Asst, Early Childhood 517-244-1381
Remington, Breah School Social Worker 331-218-3516
Riddle, Ruthie Equity Specialist, MiBLISi 517-244-1270
Ridley, Tiffany Paraprofessional, HWS 517-244-1374
Rominiecki, Antoinette Parapro, School to Work/Career Prep 517-244-1320
Rosa-Derdowski, Michelle Teacher Consultant, ASD 517-655-4668 x6610
Sell, Angie Occupational Therapist 517-449-8047
Simmons, Ellen Occupational Therapist 517-898-5190
Slocum, Amber Teacher, SE, HWS 517-244-1457
Smith, Tina Teacher Consultant, Visually Impaired 517-282-8300
Stephenson, Robert STEM Consultant 517-244-1242
Sweet-House, Kelly Administrative Assistant 517-244-1314
Theis, Nancy MTSS Implementer / School Psychologist 517-230-9068
Torres, Lori Speech & Language Pathologist 989-249-3577
Turke, Stacy Occupational Therapist 517-898-5210
Walker, Donna Occupational Therapist 517-648-2168
Warren, Bruce School Psychologist 517-899-0221
Weber, Kristi Physical Therapist 517-244-1375
Weston, Wanda Teacher Consultant, Students with ASD 517-282-7871
Wing, Kristine School Social Worker 616.676.7332
Wolfe, Christina Physical Therapist 517-881-1388
Zivsak, Michael School Social Worker 517-281-5935

Superintendent's Office

Name Position Phone
Koenigsknecht, Scott Superintendent 517-244-1214
Weathers, Barb Executive Assistant 517-244-1230


Name Position Phone
Baker, Theresa Transportation Routing Specialist 517-244-4512
DeBruler, Linda Transportation Routing Specialist 517-244-4524
DeJongh, Joy Transportation Routing Specialist 517-244-1255