Great Parents, Great Start Program


The Great Parents, Great Start program, formerly known as ACTS (All Children Connected to Succeed) is a parent involvement and education program for all families with children from birth to kindergarten entry in Ingham County. The program is funded from a grant through the State of Michigan Department of Education, so services are at no cost to participating families. Some of the services the program provides are...

  • Home-based personal visits for families in the target population
  • Parent-child playgroups that focus on developmental learning activities for children ages 1-4
  • Developmental screenings for all children up through 5 years old
  • Distribution of R.E.A.D.Y. kits and Keys to Success Resource Guides
  • Connection for parents and children, as needed, to other community resources and early childhood programs and services. The Michigan Great Parents website links parents to a multitude of services and activities in Ingham County.

The services address:

  • child development information birth-5
  • methods to enhance parent-child interaction, including encouraging reading 30 minutes per day
  • examples of learning opportunities-promoting social, physical, and intellectual growth
  • access to needed community services
  • promotion of healthy relationships

Universal services are provided as well as more intensive services to a targeted population (identified by the community). Additionally, services are based on research-based models for the population served and anyone providing services is trained in early child development and Parents As Teachers.

The outcomes expected are:

  • Improve school readiness for all young children
  • Increase parent involvement in early education
  • Foster the maintenance of stable families
  • Reduce enrollments in special education
  • Decrease retention of pupils in grade

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