Great Parents, Great Start Program

The Great Parents, Great Start Program is designed to offer developmental information and support to all parents of infants and young children in Ingham County at no cost to families.  Great Parents, Great Start is supported by funding from the Michigan Department of Education, Office of Great Start, in collaboration with the Ingham Intermediate School District and community partners.  

Certified Parent Educators

Certified Parent Educators use the Parents as Teachers curriculum to partner with parents to provide:

  • Home visits for families that focus on age-appropriate learning activities, child development, and parenting support.  Currently we are focusing our efforts on working primarily with families of 3-year olds;
  • Developmental screenings for all children up through 5 years of age;
  • Play and Learn Groups that focus on developmental learning activities for families with children aged 4 and younger; 
  • Connection for parents and children, as needed, to other community resources and early childhood programs and services. The Ingham Great Start website links parents to a multitude of services and activities in Ingham County.

Our services

Our services address the following:

  • Child development information birth-5;
  • Methods to enhance parent-child interaction, including encouraging reading 30 minutes per day;
  • Examples of learning opportunities promoting social, physical, and intellectual growth;
  • Access to needed community services;
  • Promotion of healthy relationships.

Universal services are provided, as well as more intensive services to a targeted population (identified by the community). Additionally, services are based upon research-based models for the population served; and anyone providing services is trained in early child development and Parents As Teachers .

expected outcomes

  • Improve school readiness for all young children.
  • Increase parent involvement in early education.
  • Foster the maintenance of stable families.
  • Reduce enrollments in special education.
  • Decrease retention of pupils in grade.

Contact Us

Dorothy Cooks
Parent Educator
Karen Hoene
Early On Service Coordinator
Kellie Jones
Parent Educator
Michelle Nicholson
Executive Director, Early Childhood Services
Blanche Schaudt
Parent Educator