WTC 2020 Graduates

With the closure of all school buildings in Michigan due to COVID-19, we were unable to honor our 2020 WTC graduates in many ways that we have done in the past. We are extremely proud of their various accomplishments and wish them much success in the future. Please visit the WTC Facebook page to see senior spotlight videos, scholarship recipients, National Technical Honor Society members and more!

Here is a breakdown of our 2020 graduates listed by their local district:

We are proud to announce the following graduating seniors from Dansville Schools

Student  Program 
Aleigha Richmond Therapeutic Services
Charles Foster Investigations Yr2
Cheryl Roe Cosmetology Yr2
Cody Luce Precision Machining Technology Yr2
Colten Ried Welding Technology Yr2
Dakota Gochis Investigations Yr2
Devin Heberlein Construction Technology Yr2
Donavan Zeitz Automotive Technology Yr2
Edward Hahn Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics-Yr2
Grace Pregitzer Medical Assistant
Holden May Construction Technology Yr2
Hunter Mullins Automotive Technology Yr2
Isaac Stec Automotive Technology Yr2
Jaden Dietz Construction Technology Yr2
Jonathan Daman Precision Machining Technology
Kody Croy Precision Machining Technology
Korey Holibaugh Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics-Yr2
Madeline Bacon Culinary Arts-A Yr2
Mark Snow Welding Technology Yr2
Matthew Frantz Precision Machining Technology
Nicolas Pertile Welding Technology Yr2
Paige Newkirk Cosmetology Yr2
Samuel DuFort Programming & Mobile Applications Yr2
Silvia Grice BioScience Careers Yr2
Sybella Leverton Medical Assistant
Ty Bertl Health Foundations-A
William Bartlett Construction Technology Yr2


We are proud to announce the following graduating seniors from East Lasning Public Schools

Student Program
Christina DeRose Investigations Yr2
Corinne Rodebaugh Patient Care Technician
Dominic Alvera Welding Technology Yr2
Helen Lloyd Law Enforcement Yr2
Jane Kakela Investigations Yr2
Joshua Andrews Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics-Yr2
Ka'Haria Thurman-Williams Patient Care Technician
Melissa Tuma Investigations Yr2
Zachary Alexander Precision Machining Technology
Zoe Aho Cosmetology Yr2


We are proud to announce the following graduating seniors from Fowlerville Community Schools:

Student Program
Abigail Fear BioScience Careers Yr2
Abigail Hinton Medical Assistant
Anthony Goralski Automotive Technology Yr2
Brenden Gildon Automotive Technology Yr2
Bridget Lyke Business & Risk Management Yr2
Carlie Jones Law Enforcement Yr2
Clayton Kenzie Construction Technology
Connor Morrison Welding Technology Yr2
Edward Ball Precision Machining Technology
Elizabeth Banko Medical Assistant
Eric Samborski Business Yr2 AM/Program PM
Gabriel Sparks Culinary Arts-A
Garett Shermoe Construction Technology Yr2
Gwendolyn Cox Welding Technology Yr2
Haley Drayton Medical Assistant
Hunter Barr Program AM/Business Yr2 PM
Hunter Breeding Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics-Yr2
Jack Kujawa Construction Technology Yr2
Jacob Gawel Construction Technology Yr2
Jayci Clark Medical Assistant
Jesse Clark Programming & Mobile Applications
Justin Hutmacher Engineering Technologies
Katelyn Leckner Patient Care Technician
Katrina Pachasa New Media Yr2
Logan Targosz Welding Technology Yr2
Matthew Reason Programming & Mobile Applications Yr2
Megan McDonald Medical Assistant
Timothy Sisson Welding Technology Yr2
Trevor Malinski Precision Machining Technology
Trevor Patterson Construction Technology
Ty Theibert Automotive Technology Yr2


We are proud to announce the following graduating seniors from Haslett Public Schools:

Student Program
Abigail Krajniak Cosmetology Yr2
Ashley Campbell Patient Care Technician
Ashton Grantham Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics-Yr2
Camden Davis Investigations Yr2
Cameron Simons Construction Technology Yr2
Cole Koerner Law Enforcement Yr2
Connor Eppinga Culinary Arts-A Yr2
Connor Wallis Construction Technology Yr2
Daniel Bath Automotive Technology Yr2
Dillon Parks Automotive Technology Yr2
Emily Gibson Medical Assistant
Eriq Rivera Investigations Yr2
Gabriel Anson Automotive Technology Yr2
Hazen Nelson Welding Technology Yr2
Hunter Sasse Automotive Technology Yr2
Ilaria Perez Tijerina Medical Assistant
Izaac Smith Construction Technology Yr2
Jace Conlin Precision Machining Technology
Julian Bancroft Therapeutic Services
Kalif Kavanagh Engineering Technologies
Kiara Kavanagh Therapeutic Services
Kierra Oppenlander Investigations
Maximus Bair Precision Machining Technology
Maxwell Muthee Culinary Arts-A Yr2
Morgan Jeffries Business & Risk Management Yr2
Natale Garofalo Law Enforcement Yr2
Samantha Eschtruth Medical Assistant
Savannah Ball Medical Assistant
Sierra Bellingar Medical Assistant
Zackary Forcier Career Start Yr2
Zayne Hofstra Automotive Technology Yr2


We are proud to announce the following graduating seniors from Holt Public Schools:

Student Program
Addison Jakubowski Patient Care Technician
Alex Booth Construction Technology Yr2
Alexander Adams Precision Machining Technology Yr2
Alexandria Nguyen Patient Care Technician
Alexandyr Fell BioScience Careers
Alexis Bence Culinary Arts-A Yr2
Austin Montgomery Business & Risk Management Yr2
Chase Avery Precision Machining Technology Yr2
David Avery Investigations Yr2
Azalia Rivera Medical Assistant
Bobbie Bronner Health Foundations-A
Brayden Schwem New Media
Brendon McCormick Law Enforcement
Brett Crampton Construction Technology
Briona Moss Medical Assistant
Caden Hoag Business & Risk Management Yr2
Caleb Piper Automotive Technology Yr1
Ceceilla Gilbert Patient Care Technician
Cynthia Nnko Health Foundations-C
Daniah Abdulsalam Programming & Mobile Applications
Destinee Harvey Patient Care Technician
Dezirae Darnell Health Foundations-C
Emily Johnson New Media Yr2
Emma Simons Therapeutic Services
Emmilee Luce Cosmetology Yr2
Gabrielle Gonzalez New Media Yr2
Genesis Galvano Precision Machining Technology Yr2
Grant Gann Law Enforcement Yr2
Hannah Bentley Medical Assistant
Harley Noecker BioScience Careers Yr2
Hunter Larson Welding Technology Yr2
Jackson Taylor Welding Technology Yr2
Jacquelyn Balderas Medical Assistant
Jamiyah Kimbrough Culinary Arts-A Yr2
Jennifer Murphy Medical Assistant
Jonah Proctor Welding Technology Yr2
Jordyn Patterson Business & Risk Management
Joy Moorehead Business & Risk Management Yr2
Julissa Seegraves Medical Assistant
Julya Gonzales Health Foundations-C
Justice Canfield Precision Machining Technology
Kadin Karr Programming & Mobile Applications Yr2
Kayleb Morehouse Law Enforcement
Kyndall Gray Medical Assistant
Lucas Buckner Automotive Technology Yr2
Maggie Bazner Construction Technology Yr2
Marena Moore Medical Assistant
Max Price Culinary Arts-A
Merisa Softic Law Enforcement
Natalya Madison Business & Risk Management
Paige Ford Patient Care Technician
Roshawndra Thomas Patient Care Technician
Ryan Mefford Culinary Arts-A
Ryan Tower Precision Machining Technology Yr2
Samuele Bradley Culinary Arts-A Yr2
Skylar Kroetsch Cosmetology Yr2
Steven Levra Jr Engineering Technologies
William Nim Precision Machining Technology
Willow Milstein Patient Care Technician
Zoey Stearns Medical Assistant


We are proud to announce the following graduating seniors from Lansing School District:

Student Program School
Alexis Hodges BioScience Careers Yr2 Eastern
Anastasia Nemeth Culinary Arts-A Sexton
Cierra Haughton Construction Technology Yr2 Eastern
Cody Farrell Law Enforcement Yr2 Everett
Dallas Werstein Construction Technology Yr2 Eastern
Elihu Vang Culinary Arts-A Yr2 Eastern
Jacob Robins Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics-Yr2 Everett
Jessica Gil Gisado Culinary Arts-B Everett
John Hopkins Programming & Mobile Applications Yr2 Eastern
Joseph Smith Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics-Yr2 Eastern
Juan Morales New Media Everett
Kiandra Marciniak Investigations Eastern
Laura Juarez Culinary Arts-B Eastern
Lisa Nguyen Law Enforcement Yr2 Everett
Lucas Froum Automotive Technology Yr2 Eastern
Mark Cummins Investigations Yr2 Everett
Nathanael Hamilton Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics-Yr2 Everett
Pu Reh Culinary Arts-A Eastern
Shamsa Lugendo Law Enforcement Yr2 Sexton
Tia Barrera Programming & Mobile Applications Everett
Xionna Bradley AutoYr2 AM/Precision PM Everett


We are proud to announce the following graduating seniors from Leslie Public Schools

Student Program
Abigale Rodriguez Cosmetology Yr2
Alanna Cox Investigations Yr2
Brayden Cook Automotive Technology Yr2
Braynson Pearsall Construction Technology Yr2
Haylie Holley Medical Assistant
Hunter Ryan Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics Yr2
Jacob Cornwell Career Start
Joshua Kobus Welding Technology Yr2
Kassandra Keesler BioScience Careers
Kayla Mathews Medical Assistant
Kiarra Theodorou Cosmetology Yr2
Kyleigh Durfee Career Start
Lauren Boylan Investigations Yr2
Nathaniel Jackson Precision Machining Technology
Nicholas Siegert Investigations Yr2
Noah Ward Programming & Mobile Applications
Nyles Holmes Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics Yr2
Presten Barden Automotive Technology Yr2
Thomas Glynn Investigations Yr2


We are proud to announce the following graduating seniors from Mason Public Schools:

Student Program
Abigail Sawyers New Media Yr2
Aidan Crumpton New Media Yr2
Anthony Rockhold Construction Technology Yr2
Brandon Singletary Precision Machining  and Automotive Yr2 
Brice Isenhath Investigations Yr2
Caroline Wilk Cosmetology Yr2
Chase Dancer Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics-Yr2
Chase Vahoski Construction Technology Yr2
Chloe Winters Therapeutic Services
Cody Cameron Law Enforcement Yr2
Dalton Trimmer Construction Technology Yr2
Eliezer Kallio Programming & Mobile Applications Yr2
Elizabeth Colligan Cosmetology Yr2
Elle Judge Medical Assistant
Hannah Holmes Medical Assistant
Hayven Waldo Medical Assistant
Jadynn Brown Therapeutic Services
Jesse Nims Engineering Technologies
Jonathan Rigg Construction Technology
Jordan Cooper Construction Technology Yr2
Katelyn Franks Business & Risk Management Yr2
Kayla Elliott Medical Assistant
Kayleigh Keast Medical Assistant
Keagan Shacka Construction Technology Yr2
Keegan Bentley Programming & Mobile Applications Yr2
Kelly Pitchford Career Start Yr2
Kristasue Small New Media Yr2
Kyle Fanson Automotive Technology Yr2
Kylie Hoffman BioScience Careers Yr2
Landon Schafer Therapeutic Services
Lucas Hayhoe New Media
Madison Ruthruff Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics-Yr2
Mason Miller New Media
Max Markell Welding Technology Yr2
Michelle Small Law Enforcement Yr2
Myles Losey Law Enforcement Yr2
Owen Warr Engineering Technologies
Payge Maddix Investigations Yr2
Rebecca Vassallo Medical Assistant
Reece Simpson Welding Technology Yr2
Reggie Croffett Jr Culinary Arts & Hospitality Yr2
Richard Mayes Welding Technology Yr2
Rodney Scripter Automotive Technology Yr2
Ronni Allen Patient Care Technician
Sarah Hammond Culinary Arts & Hospitality Yr2
Scott VanBuren Programming & Mobile Applications Yr2
Seth Russ Business & Risk Management
Shannon Ryan Investigations
Taylore Beach Medical Assistant
Thomas Trenary-Retz Investigations Yr2
Ty Karrick Investigations Yr2
Zachary Hamilton Construction Technology Yr2


We are proud to announce the following graduating seniors from Okemos Public Schools:

Student Program
Alexander Manolov Programming & Mobile Applications
Anna Nelson Patient Care Technician
Ashanti Funk Patient Care Technician
Benjamin Sinila Automotive Technology Yr2
Christian Hutnik Welding Technology Yr2
Elizabeth Vasquez Health Foundations
Hunter Ketchum Automotive Technology Yr2
Ibrahim Alabdali Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics
Jamiele Ragoonan Programming & Mobile Applications
Kaden Bartlett BioScience Careers
Lucas Wise Programming & Mobile Applications Yr2
Morgan Hawkins Law Enforcement Yr2
Rachel Lee Therapeutic Services
Samaya Moreno Patient Care Technician
Sebastian Metzger Engineering Technologies
Tristan Lusardi Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics-Yr2


We are proud to announce the following graduating seniors from Stockbridge Community Schools:

Student Program
Adam Knight Programming & Mobile Applications Yr2
Alexis Killinger Patient Care Technician
Alic-Mychael Hawkins BioScience Careers Yr2
Ashley Blanzy Patient Care Technician
Breanna Salyer BioScience Careers Yr2
Caitlin Fowler Culinary Arts & Hospitality Yr2
Cody Freiermuth Law Enforcement Yr2
Courtney Khozouie Business & Risk Management Yr2
David Bailey Programming & Mobile Applications
Dominic Beutler New Media Yr2
Elysia Medina Cosmetology Yr2
Emmalee Laraway Patient Care Technician
George Brewster VI Welding Technology Yr2
Justin Stanfield Precision Machining Technology
Kaitlyn Rosul Programming & Mobile Applications
Kelsey Andrews BioScience Careers Yr2
Megan Catron Patient Care Technician
Michael Franklin Programming & Mobile Applications Yr2
Noah Ford Welding Technology Yr2
Paige Wooden Construction Technology Yr2
Samantha Argento Medical Assistant
Trent Viebahn BioScience Careers
William Hoard Automotive Technology Yr2
William Taylor Career Start Yr2


We are proud to announce the following graduating seniors from Waverly Community Schools:

Student Program
Alexander Moore Precision Machining Technology
Allie James New Media
Alyssa Vue Programming & Mobile Applications
Amya Garza Cosmetology Yr2
Annalicia Campos-Deleon Patient Care Technician
Aping Stephen Therapeutic Services
Ashlea Nicolas Medical Assistant
Blandine Ebulela Precision Machining Technology
Brianna Wehner Cosmetology Yr2
Caleb Rowden Programming & Mobile Applications
Cerenity Sorrells Health Foundations
Christian Dalton Programming & Mobile Applications Yr2
Ciardan Hibbs Welding Technology Yr2
Connor Short New Media Yr2
Cruzito Ruiz Law Enforcement Yr2
Dalton Plenar Welding Technology Yr2
David Meza Law Enforcement
David Spurbeck New Media Yr2
De'Mario Bruton Construction Technology Yr2
Demitrius Webb Therapeutic Services
De'Shauona Atkinson Therapeutic Services
Desiree Jacobson Investigations Yr2
Devon Williams Law Enforcement
Elaina Bunce-Clark Patient Care Technician
Elisea Travis-Knight Therapeutic Services
Ellis Trainor Construction Technology Yr2
Fatima Ziad Patient Care Technician
Gage Williams Automotive Yr2  and Precision Machining
Hannah Rivera New Media
Harrison Bone New Media
Hunter Irwin Engineering Technologies
Isaiah Abron Programming & Mobile Applications Yr2
Jacob Trevino Cosmetology Yr2
Jahaan Wilson Precision Machining Technology
Jasmine Goins Law Enforcement
Jorge Aldama Programming & Mobile Applications
Joseph Buck Therapeutic Services
Justin Wilson Programming & Mobile Applications Yr2
Kathryn Clegg New Media
Kristin Pedersen Culinary Arts-A Yr2
Krystin Geller Automotive Technology Yr2
Lorraine Woods Cosmetology Yr2
Ma'Devell Diaz Patient Care Technician
Makyra Patterson Medical Assistant
Mariah Price Patient Care Technician
Marion Kihara Therapeutic Services
Mary Kihara Precision Machining Technology
Monique Bolton Cosmetology Yr2
Muhammad Tiwana Business & Risk Management Yr2
Nautiah Motley Medical Assistant
Nikeria Powe Law Enforcement Yr2
Paul Do Medical Assistant
Ramon Abdelrhman Engineering Technologies
Sara Stockenauer Cosmetology Yr2
Scott Pentecost Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics-Yr2
Tania Hillery Health Foundations-A
Te'azjah Taylor New Media
Thorin Thelen Health Foundations-A
Trevor Whitford Investigations
Tyler Barnes Law Enforcement Yr2
Tyler Vliek Automotive Technology Yr2
Zoe Barber BioScience Careers Yr2


We are proud to announce the following graduating seniors from Webberville Community Schools:

Student Program
Ashley Young Culinary Arts-A Yr2
Ashton Boldizar Programming & Mobile Applications Yr2
Cole Hull Welding Technology Yr2
Connor Long Culinary Arts-A Yr2
Ean Fuller Cyber Yr2-AM/Engeer-PM
Gavin Norton Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics-Yr2
Kyra Jackson Cosmetology Yr2
Olivia Nims Therapeutic Services
Steven Velfling Business & Risk Management Yr2
Sydney Chambers Investigations Yr2
Tyler Nelson Business & Risk Management
Zachary Taylor Welding Technology Yr2


We are proud to announce the following graduating seniors from Williamston Community Schools:

Student Program
AnnaMaria Dion Medical Assistant
Blane Gordon Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics-Yr2
Carter Emmons Investigations Yr2
Colvin VanDommelen Construction Technology Yr2
Ethan Ellis Engineering Technologies
Garrett MacGillis Precision Machining Technology Yr2
Haley Fancher Cosmetology Yr2
Jesse Roberts Precision Machining Technology
Johnathon Beavers Law Enforcement
Jordan Miller Construction Technology
Karlyn Wilson Investigations Yr2
Lucas Savage Automotive Technology Yr2
Marina Schneider Career Start
Mason Allman Welding Technology Yr2
Miklo Perez Programming & Mobile Applications
Mitchell Johnson Programming & Mobile Applications Yr2
Nicole Partridge Cosmetology Yr2
Nolan Monroe Welding Technology Yr2
Parker Walters Welding Technology Yr2
Roseann Davis New Media
Steel Schafer Construction Technology Yr2
Zachary Turner Precision Machining Technology


We are proud to announce the following graduating seniors:

Student Program School
Alden Partridge Programming & Mobile Applications Homeschooled (Holt)
Connor Lopez New Media Yr2 NexTech
Douglas Jueckstock Business & Risk Management Yr2 NexTech 
Elizabeth Rigas Culinary Arts-B Homeschooled (Mason)
Ethan LaPerriere Culinary Arts-B Lansing Catholic (Mason)
Gabriel Gaddie Precision Machining Technology Homeschooled (Mason)
Hunter Leland Law Enforcement Yr2 NexTech
Jakob Schafer Engineering Technologies Homeschooled (Holt)
Jamie Suhrke Medical Assistant NexTech
Jarrett Thompson Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics-Yr2 NexTech
Jesse Austin Engineering Technologies Homeschool (Stock)
Laina Wood Investigations NexTech
Lily Berstler Cosmetology Yr2 Homeschooled  (EL)
Matthew Stucko Law Enforcement Lifetech Academy
Nicholas Hardie Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics Lansing Catholic 
Philip Bareham Business & Risk Management Yr2 NexTech 
Randy Tran Randy Tran Lansing Catholic 
Samuel Durso Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics-Yr2 Lansing Christian 
Steven Romankewiz Precision Machining Technology Yr2 Lansing Catholic