The Data, Systems, and Analysis (DSA) team supports Ingham ISD’s Mission, Vision and Purpose by supporting the data needs of our instructional and support service departments. We do this by collecting, processing, analyzing, aggregating and disaggregating data to ensure the right data is easily accessible to those who need it. 

We are located at the Thorburn Education Center however, we support the use of data and applications across all twelve of our local districts. Our team provides actionable data by putting it in usable, easy to access formats and assisting with the interpretation and analysis of the data. Often times, this means collecting data from multiple systems, gathering the data into a single location, merging disparate data together and generating a user-friendly report of the results.

Our team helps support our Illuminate Education data warehouse and special education software for Ingham ISD and our local districts. We also provide support for the student information system (PowerSchool) for Ingham ISD and seven of our local districts. In addition, our team helps meet needs for custom data and reporting by developing creative solutions for data gathering and developing reports which complement our existing systems.

We help train coaches and staff in the collection and use of data to inform instruction. This training is essential in supporting use of data in the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) framework. We also participate in reviewing research and connecting that research to practices that enhance education in our local districts. Our team further supports research and innovation by designing studies, collecting data, analyzing data and presenting findings to further our work.

Our Team…

  • Supports our instructional MTSS initiative in the use of actionable data and our shared data warehouse
  • Facilitates and eases access to data
  • Assists with turning data into action
  • Moves data between disparate systems
  • Creates systems to support efficiencies to meet our data needs
  • Generates reports to support Ingham ISD and our local districts
  • Supports key applications for Ingham ISD and our local districts
  • Trains and coaches staff in collection and analyses of data to inform instructional decisions
  • Reviews and connects research to practice
  • Supports MTSS research and innovation

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