Readiness Program

Project SEARCH

Project SEARCH combines classroom instruction provided by Ingham Intermediate School District with a year-long unpaid internship at either Michigan State University or the State of Michigan. This combination of instruction and immersion in the workplace prepares interns to meet employer expectations. Participants gain experience in a variety of settings that will align to their interests, abilities and availability.

  • Classroom:  Focus on employability and independent living skills. Engage in job seeking activities.
  • Work Experience:  Gain immersion in real-life job settings through three different host businesses offering individualized support on-site.
  • Work Exploration:  Review available internships and explore career interests beyond Project SEARCH with assistance from community partners.

For detailed information on Spartan Project SEARCH, including internship sites, application and hiring data, visit Spartan Project SEARCH.

The purpose of the application packet is to outline the skill set of the Project SEARCH student candidate. This application enables the selection committee* to properly assess each student candidate’s interests, skills, abilities and background. A parent, student, counselor, teacher or employer may be contacted by the selection committee to gather additional information. Our goal is to select students who will be successful in a Project SEARCH program and reach the outcome of competitive employment.

The Selection Process includes the following guidelines:

  1. All applicants are encouraged to attend an Open House and visit a host business site to observe the culture, possible rotations and meet the instructor and skills trainers prior to being selected to participate in Project SEARCH.
  2. Please submit the completed application and supporting requested documents to the address provided.
  3. If accepted, an Individualized Educational Program (IEP) will be developed with the IEP team for the 2022- 2023 school year.

*Please note:

The selection committee may include the host site liaisons, the Project SEARCH instructors, Project SEARCH skills trainers, Project SEARCH school district liaison, Project SEARCH supervisors and representatives from Michigan Rehabilitation Services and other agency/school representatives.

To request an application, please contact Kelly Sweet-House.

Project SEARCH 2021-22

Following Michigan State University's motto, “Spartans Will Keep Each Other Safe,” Spartan Project SEARCH interns returned to campus in late August 2021 masked up. They have worked diligently to not only follow COVID safety protocols, but also to support in the cleaning and sanitizing of common spaces around campus to help keep staff and students safe. This year’s cohort was welcomed by a new hosting college, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and their Business Liaison. Interns have enjoyed being in person to experience learning how to travel, working at job sites, and interacting with their peers as they gain skills focused around independence and employment.  We are currently in rotation 2, gaining experiences at the following job sites: Michigan State University Linen Services, Landscape Services, Sparty’s Café, Facilities at Biomedical and Erickson Hall, Kedzie Garden, Case Dining Hall, Campus Animal Resources, and 1855 Place Apartments.  

For more updates please follow us on our Spartan Project SEARCH Facebook page and the MSU Spartan Project SEARCH website.