Pre K-2nd Grade

Pre-Kindergarten Math

What Do I Need To Know About My Child’s Education?

We know that child development happens in steps that are developmental and sequential. Many skills are worked on throughout the year. By the end of pre-kindergarten, we expect children to master the following skills in a predictable sequence.


  • First a student makes a collection,
  • then she sorts a group into two smaller groups with similar attributes,
  • then groups objects that are the same in one way but different in another,
  • then groups similar objects and identifies the similarity,
  • and finally she masters pre-kindergarten sorting by identifying two or more similarities in the group.


  • First a student lines up objects,
  • then he lines up objects in a repeating series,
  • then he lines up objects in a graduated series,
  • then he finds/points out a repeating or graduated series,
  • and finally he masters pre-kindergarten  patterning by extending a series.


  • First a student uses a number word,
  • then she counts objects, using one number for each object (it doesn’t have to be the right number),
  • then she counts five to ten objects,
  • then she counts 11+ objects and uses the last number to say how many,
  • and finally she masters pre-kindergarten  counting by counting two groups and says which has more.

Identifying Position And Direction

  • First a student moves an object as directed,
  • then he uses a position word (under, behind, next to),
  • then he uses a direction word (in, out, up, down, forward),
  • then he uses a distance word (near, far, close),
  • and finally he masters pre-kindergarten  position and direction by using a simple map with position, direction and distance words.