Pre K-2nd Grade

1st Grade Reading

What Do I Need To Know About My Child’s Education?

In first grade, your child will become a more independent reader and writer. Your child will continue to learn and practice rules for recognizing the sounds that make up words and will be able to sound out longer words. These are important factors in developing good readers with the ability to understand a wide range of materials. Children will learn to think about what they read, and talk about the main ideas of simple stories. As they write and speak, first graders will learn to use language appropriately, by using complete sentences and spelling words with increasing accuracy. Children in first grade should be able to demonstrate the following skills.

Foundational Skills

Children this age will...

  • show an understanding of basic print concepts and their organization (point to the top of the book, bottom of the book, title, beginning of the story, front and back cover, turn one page, know that you read from left to right and hold a book correctly).
  • distinguish long and short vowel words and put together and take apart sounds and words.
  • know and apply phonics skills to decode and read at grade level.
  • read grade level texts with appropriate speed and accuracy while understanding what is read.


Children this age will...

  • ask and answer questions about details in a story and informational text.
  • retell a familiar story including key details and the general message.
  • describe characters, setting and events in a story using key details.
  • compare and contrast experiences of characters in stories.
  • read grade level poetry (with support).
  • use different text features (headings, table of contents, glossaries) to find information in text.
  • identify basic similarities and differences  between two texts on the same topic.
  • engage in group reading activities.


Children this age will...

  • write an opinion piece and state the reason they think that way.
  • write an informative text and add details.
  • write a story to share events in order.
  • reread and adjust writing with adult support.
  • use many tools to produce and publish writing.
  • join in a class research and writing project (explore a number of books on a given topic and use them to write a sequence of instructions).

Speaking and Listening

Children this age will...

  • join in group conversations about many first grade topics.
  • ask and answer clarifying  questions of a text read aloud.
  • ask and answer questions to gather information or gain understanding.
  • speak clearly to express thoughts, ideas and feelings.