High School

Grades 9 - 12 Reading

What Do I Need To Know About My Child’s Education?

To become ready for college and a career, high school students will be reading more informational text. Your child will learn to evaluate complex written materials. She will expand her literacy knowledge of text using works such as United States documents and American classics. She will be involved in engaging conversations using rich vocabulary. She will also state and defend claims in her writing on a topic. Children in high school should be able to demonstrate the following skills.


Children this age will...


Children this age will...

  • write arguments that are well-reasoned and supported by evidence.
  • write well-researched and organized informative texts to express complex ideas.
  • write stories using structured events and details.
  • write clearly using proper editing and revising skills.
  • use technology to produce or publish writing.
  • gather information from credible sources to write a research project.
  • use correct grammar, language, capitalization, punctuation and spelling.
  • use strategies to figure out unknown words that have multiple meanings.
  • interpret figures of speech (hyperbole, paradox).

Speaking and Listening

Children this age will...

  • participate in and share concise research and ideas during discussions.
  • evaluate the accuracy of information sources.
  • understand a speaker’s point of view.
  • accurately plan and present information.
  • use a variety of media to present information.