Hallway Kids

8th Grade Reading

What Do I Need To Know About My Child’s Education?

Children in eighth grade are learning how to use grade level reading material. Your child will use evidence from text to study different points of view and how the author uses dialogue. They will explain how the evidence in the text supports their ideas and how the information adds to the meaning of the written material. Your child will be showing relationships between what has happened earlier in the text and what happens later. Eighth graders should be able to demonstrate the following skills.


Your child will...

  • read and understand grade level text.
  • determine the main ideas or theme of a text and explain how it develops during the reading.
  • use evidence to support ideas about his reading.
  • use other sources of information to agree or disagree with an author's ideas.
  • determine how dialogue, characters, setting and plot affect the meaning and style of the text.
  • think about how the characters' actions and thoughts create suspense or humor.


Your child will...

  • write arguments to support her point of view with clear reasons and key evidence.
  • write informative texts that examine a topic and share ideas.
  • write short research projects and be able to explain the subject to others.
  • write stories that show how experiences and events are related.
  • use technology to write and publish writing, paying attention to how truthful the information is.
  • plan, revise, edit and rewrite with some help from others.

Speaking and Listening

Your child will...

  • participate in different types of discussions on grade level topics and issues.
  • think about the truthfulness and purpose of spoken information from other people and from the media.
  • adapt spoken language to different situations and use formal English when appropriate.
  • use technology and visuals when presenting to others.
  • use eye contact, correct volume and clear pronunciation when presenting.