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7th Grade Reading

What Do I Need To Know About My Child’s Education?

Children in seventh grade are reading more nonfiction material grade level. They compare and contrast what they read. Students write many different kinds of papers, creating arguments that will support their claims. Seventh graders write research projects and decide what additional questions might be answered. They use eye contact, correct volume and clear pronunciation when presenting. Children in seventh grade should be able to demonstrate the following skills.


Your child will...


Your child will...

  • write arguments to support her point of view with clear reasons and key evidence.
  • write texts that examine a topic and communicate ideas.
  • write stories using details and sequencing of events.
  • plan, revise, edit and rewrite with help from others.
  • organize and write short research projects using several sources.
  • use technology to produce and publish writing.
  • use grade level capitalization, punctuation, spelling and grammar.

Speaking and Listening

Your child will...

  • participate in different types of discussions on grade level topics.
  • plan and present an argument.
  • adapt spoken language to different situations and use formal English when appropriate.
  • use eye contact, correct volume and clear pronunciation when presenting.


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