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6th Grade Reading

What Do I Need To Know About My Child’s Education?

The main literacy goal for children in sixth grade is to read and understand grade level materials. Your child will be able to read longer words and to use clues to determine the meanings of unknown words. Your child will also produce summaries of reading without judgments or opinions. Your child will write various pieces throughout the year. Their writing will be focused, organized and edited. Sixth graders should be able to demonstrate the following skills.


Children this age will...

  • read multi-syllable words quickly and correctly.
  • will read with appropriate speed and expression.
  • draw inferences while reading.
  • describe how the events in a story happen and how they affect the characters.
  • use clues from reading to determine the meaning of words.
  • compare and contrast themes, points of view, sequence of events and different sources (reading and audio/video versions).
  • pay close attention to key features of informational books and articles. These features include understanding the main and supporting ideas, being able to compare and contrast information, and explaining how the author uses facts, details, and evidence to support particular cultures.
  • conduct short research projects on different aspects of a topic using evidence from books and the internet.
  • identify whether an idea is a fact or opinion in a text.


Children this age will ...

  • write about their opinions with supporting reasons.
  • use credible sources to write an argument with clear evidence.
  • write informative papers that clearly express ideas.
  • write stories based on real or imaginative experiences including a logical sequence, setting, character descriptions and dialogue.
  • correct their writing with support.
  • use correct capitalization, punctuation, spelling and grammar.
  • use computers to create and publish writing.

Speaking and Listening

Children this age will...

  • participate in discussions to express ideas or report on a topic.
  • summarize information from different types of media (TV, radio, internet).
  • speak about a subject in an informed way.