Preparing for What Lies Ahead

As schools reviews the landscape and plan for the next school year, the following steps will be taken:

1. Assess Risks

  • Determine what’s needed to keep staff, students and families healthy and safe
  • Figure out what, if any, financial considerations are at play
  • Gather input from your stakeholders and partners

2. Develop a Plan

  • Map out the activities and changes needed prior to school start
  • Ensure your to-do list has been communicated and vetted appropriately

3. Prepare for Implementation

  • Whether it’s a facilities change, the addition of technology, or a revised staffing plan,anticipate school needs.
  • Ensure all modifications are closely tied to your risk assessment, to ensure nothing is forgotten.

4. Implement and Remain Flexible

  • While schools have been open, what the next school year looks like may be very different.
  • Communication and outreach is needed to ensure stakeholders are engaged. Consider a big announcement, a special offer, or some other strategies to re-engage your stakeholders.

MI Safe Schools Roadmap

On June 30, 2020 Governor Whitmer's Return to Learn Advisory Committee released the MI Safe Schools Roadmap. Below are reference documents and resources provided by the committee to help schools prepare for opening school in the fall.

Executive Order 2020-142

MI Safe Schools Roadmap

MI Safe Schools Overview

Frequently Asked Questions