Read&Write: floating toolbar that provides speech feedback, phonetic spell checking and other literacy support tools.  It also has text to speech.  It is a Google extension.  Tutorial video coming soon 

EquatIO: Allows you to create mathematic equations, formulas, and more directly on your computer.  Extension for Google chrome.  Tutorial Video to come.

Google Voice Typing: You can type and edit by speaking in Google Docs or in Google Slides speaker notes. 

Immersive Reader: Microsoft product that increases the readability of content in OneNote documents.  Tutorial coming soon.

Microsoft Dictation: Allows you to use speech to text in Microsoft products.

Text Help: Literacy, accessibility, and dyslexia software for students with reading and writing difficulties. 

Tara's Tip Sheet for Creating Instructional Videos

Screencastomatic: Has a 15 minute limit, but is quick and easy to show a computer screen and your face.  It uploads to or youtube.  Tara uses this now to make short and sweet instructional videos.  4 minute tutorial on Screencastomatic by Tara

Edpuzzle: Did you find a video that you ALMOST like, but want to make edits or embed a quiz?  Edpuzzle lets you do just that! 3 minute tutorial on EdPuzzle by Tara - 3 minute tutorial in EdPuzzle by Andrew

Educreations: Want to use your iPad to write on the screen while you talk?  This is the app for you.  The premium version is now free through May.  Tara used this when flipping her class and loved it! 3 minute tutorial on Educreations by Tara

Your phone’s camera app: Want to send a message to your kids?  Just record yourself using your phone and upload that to youtube! 3 Minute Introduction to recording video on your Phone by Andrew

Screencastify: Want to use your chromebook to record 5 minute videos?  Check out this free Google Extension! 5 minute Screencastify tutorial by Heidi

YouTube Playlists: Want to put together a bunch of videos for your kids to watch?  Try a YouTube playlist.  3 Minute Introduction to YouTube Playlists Video by Andrew

Google Meet: Recommended platform for synchronous meetings with students.  See ISD Tip sheet here.

Google Classroom: Many districts are already using this and it is a tried and true system that will sync with your google drive.  Tutorial video coming soon.  Look for webinars at Ingham ISD PD Zone

See-Saw: A great platform for younger students (K-2).  Look for a tutorial video coming soon.

Google Jamboard - 3 Minute Jamboard Introduction Video - Google's Whiteboard application, available for most at 

Pear Deck: A great way to create interactive presentations that you can do in real-time with kids. Tutorial coming soon.

Did you know that you can screencast right in Microsoft Powerpoint? David Baker explains how.

Also, many Windows computers have a built-in Video Editor. David Baker shows how to use this tool.

Common Sense Resources: Quick and easy resource for vetting and researching various tools.  3 minute introduction to Common Sense Media video by Andrew

Formative: A easy to use platform that allows teachers to  create many different types of questions for formative assessments including kids being able to write on a whiteboard for you to see.  Training video coming soon!  Look for training on this resources in an upcoming webinar at Ingham ISD PD Zone

Google Forms: Part of the google drive suite.  Create a form as a quiz and you can input the correct answers.  Look for training on this resource in an upcoming webinar at Ingham ISD PD Zone

Flip Grid: a quick and easy wat to send a video out to your kids or ask a question and have them send videos back.  3 Minute Introduction Video to FlipGrid by Andrew

Poll Everywhere: a quick formative assessment tool that you can embed into powerpoint or use online to ask students questions and see the answers instantaneously. Tutorial coming soon.

Remind: a platform (online or an app) that allows you to message students and families in a group message without using your cell phone.  You can also attach files and receive messages back.  Tutorial coming soon.

WhatsApp: WhatsApp uses your phone’s cellular or Wi-Fi connection to facilitate messaging and voice calling to nearly anyone on the planet, alone or in a group, and is especially nice for families and small collaborative workgroups. The app lets you make calls, and send and receive messages, documents, photos, and videos

Google Meet: A platform like zoom to collaborate with students.  You can create a Google Meet directly through Google Classroom and control who is given access to the link.  Tutorial Coming as well as training available at Ingham ISD PD Zone.

Vocaroo: Quick voice recording tool to let teachers explain something  verbally to students.  3 Minute Vocaroo Introduction Video by Andrew