Ideas from the Field

links to Twitter posts about how parents are teaching math in their every day home settings each day.  Easy ways to teach math without technology.  Click here for the link.

Go Math Getting Ready for Smarter Balanced Assessment Booklets (K-12)

Most schools have had these delivered each year as part of their subscription. However for K-6, you can find them on Think Central. Here they are for 6th-8th grade.   They have one page per standard with practice problems. Here is where to find them for K-5 on Think Central.

Go Math Practice/Re-teach and Enrich Sheets

K-12 practice sheets that go with Go Math lessons and chapters. The Re-teach sheets (as well as practice D at the 6-12 level) include one worked example which can help students and parents navigate the concept. Think Central Math PracticeMy HRW Math Practice

Math Expressions Homework and Remembering Book Pages

 These are PDF sheets from the Homework and Remembering books that students may or may not have at home with them. Math Expressions 

Math Expressions Getting Ready for Smarter Balanced Assessment Books

Worksheets that have one page per standard with practice problems. The standards are listed on the page, so students/parents could look videos up if needed.

Bedtime Math (ages 3-9)

Number sense activities for students can be printed, accessed online or on a mobile app.  There is often some sort of story followed by questions for different levels. Added math activities for home are also included.

Tiny PolkaDot Cards

This game is not free, but can be downloaded low cost and how to play the games can be watched for free.

Ingham ISD Math Website

Resources for teachers in using core programs as well as other materials. 

Elementary Resources

Reading Street

Under Printable PDFs, there are many resources for teachers and families. The Let’s Practice It! option includes family-friendly language and activities. Here’s how to find them

Tips for Families

Tips for Supporting Reading at Home (from the IES Guide on Foundational Skills)

Prompting children when reading bookmark

Printable Books 

TextProject is a website with printable picture books for early readers and texts with comprehension guides for all levels (both fiction and non-fiction), vocab resources, etc. It also has guides for parents ad tutors (“Teach Your Kid To Read”)

Early Elementary Resources

Family Literacy Calendars (K-1)

Early Learning Calendars

Family Literacy Night materials from Nell Duke’s scholastic program for early childhood. For districts who use this program, the resources could be printed and distributed by districts (primarily PreK-Grade 1)

Selected Family Literacy Night Activities with Home Map

Phonological/ Phonemic Awareness

Heggerty Nursery Rhyme Cards for PreK and K

PA Game Cards for PreK and K

Segmenting Cards and Elkonin Boxes


Heggerty Videos of at home lessons in preK, K, and Primary are also available for people who have access

Download and print lessons and assessments - also scroll to the bottom to download and print ABC cards and other flashcards for teachers or families.  

STEM at Home Resource List

The SLECoP is organizing a series of webinars for parents, educators, school administrators and anyone who have students in their care. These webinars are intended to help them with practical tips they can employ on how to keep children engaged and learning with STEM at Home. This link also has a list of resources to engage students at home.

Active Learning at Home 

The site has integrated activities for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.

12 Story Library

12-Story Library has opened up access to our full library of ebooks, each of which is paired with a unique resource web page with content updates, live news feeds, videos, image galleries and lesson plans.

Betabox (grades 3-5, 6-8 and High School)

Betabox is a hands-on STEM learning company providing interactive home activities and school field trips.


Each lesson has a reading passage, videos, optional review questions and self-graded practice questions. The lessons can be assigned to Google Classroom, and it puts the grade in that students received on the practice questions (students must get ten practice questions correct to get 100%).

MC3 Resources

Oakland Schools

Oakland Schools covers K-12 and includes PDFs that can be sent home for students to work on. They are aligned to the Michigan Social Studies Standards. Watch How to access materials.

PASST Assessments

These are performance assessments of social studies thinking. They are short quizlets that ask students to answer questions based on documents and aligned to the Michigan Social Studies Standards. You can find these on Illuminate Ed using this tutorial.

Genessee ISD has created printable packets on a weekly basis.  They include pages for each subject area.  Please see their link here.