Construction Technology

If you love cars, you can truly benefit from this program both personally and professionally. The automakers are doing well once again and will need highly-skilled trained professionals for this industry. 

Students in the Automotive Technology program have many options after completing this two-year program. The career paths are endless, especially with new technology being developed, the auto industry has once again taken shape. Whether you want to be a robotical or mechanical engineer, work in an auto repair shop, or own your own business, this program will set you up for success.

Over two years, students in this program, students participate in an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) and National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) certified training program, offering several occupational specialities as well as state certification. The state of Michigan certification tests are provided free of charge to eligibel WTC students.

You can also be part of an extracurricular activity as part of this program by being part of the WTC Motorsports Team. This team competes for awards and scholarships by racing two times per year at the Milan Dragway.

Pursuing Automotive Technology will give you endless opportunities for careers that include specialization in computer diagnostics, maintenance and light repair, suspension and steering, brakes, engine performance and repair, electrical systems, heating and air conditioning, automotive welding and parts or service advisor, just to name a few.

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