Wilson Talent Center Summer Camps

For Students Entering Grades 5-7 in the Fall of 2018-19

June 18-21, 2018
9 am to 3 pm

The Wilson Talent Center will offer summer camp opportunities for students in the areas of digital arts, forensics, robotics and culinary arts just to name a few. Choose one four-day camps that will include all supplies, lunch each day and a take home gift for $125 per student.

Select the camp option of your choice to register:

American & International Culinary Delights Camp

In the morning each day of this culinary camp, students will focus on traditional American meals (Mon – breakfast, Tues – lunch, Wed – dinner and Thurs – Desserts). Then in the afternoon, the focus will turn to creating some international dishes (a different country will be featured each afternoon). Students will learn their way around the kitchen and learn how to create some dishes they can share with their family!

BioScience Camp

Students will use skills in biology and chemistry to solve a crime, make a biofuel, and see if a food sample is safe to eat.  Come on scientists, the world needs you right now!

Cosmetology Camp

Ready to get your glam on? Learn some cosmetology basics like hair care, skin care, mani’s and pedi’s in a salon atmosphere!

Crime Scene Investigation Camp

Want to learn how to dust for fingerprints and analyze a crime scene? This camp will teach you the ins and outs of detective work.

Digital Arts Camp

Would you rather spend your summer watching movies or making them, listening to music or composing, looking at pictures on Instagram or photographing your own? This camp will allow you to unleash your creativity over a variety of digital media.

Robotics Camp

Students will learn basic programming skills while working in groups to create a vex robot to compete in robotics war battles.

For Students Entering grades 7 & 8 in the Fall of 2018-19

Construction Camp

Join us as we explore the field of construction for heavy equipment operation and civil construction. Students will learn about what goes into excavation, moving dirt with heavy equipment, building roads and bridges. Students will learn how to use Virtual Realtors equipment simulators, operate a backhoe and take a field trips to related businesses in paving and cement operations.

Participants must come dressed appropriately. Please choose long pants, sleeaved shirts (short sleeves are ok) and footwear tha covers the entrie foot and has a hard sole, e.g. boots, walking shoes.

When: June 18-22, 2018, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Where: Wilson Talent Center, 611 Hagadorn Rd., Mason
Who: Student entering grades 7 and 8
Cost: $150 (Includes all camp supplies, transportation to field trips and lunch each day. Credit cards only, no refunds)

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