Ingham Intermediate School District (ISD) provides critical support for all public, charter and nonpublic schools that operate within Ingham ISD's service area. There are 56 ISDs or regional education service agencies in the state of Michigan - no two are exactly alike. Each bases its work on the specific needs of their constituent school districts and community. Ingham ISD offers leadership, programs, and services in the areas of general education, career and technical education, special education, technology, and operational management support services.

Total Pupils Served (Full-Time Equivalents): 44,337

Constituent Districts, Public School Academies, Nonpublic Schools

Students within the Ingham ISD service area attend 12 public school districts, 10 public school academies, and 21 nonpublic schools.

To learn more about these schools, visit our Area Schools page.

Ingham ISD Employees

  • Instruction and program staff, including: teachers, paraprofessionals, instructional assistants, office staff and administrators. These staff support following student programs and services: Autism Spectrum Disorder Program, the Capital Area Career Center, Early On, Evergreen Program, Great Parents/Great Start, Heartwood School, Ingham Academy, Ingham Healthy Families, Malcolm Williams School, School to Work, Secondary Learning Center, and Saint Vincent School. For more information about these programs, visit Our Academics page. 
  • Itinerant staff who provide special education services throughout the Ingham ISD service area. These services include adaptive physical education, assistive technology, audiology, physical and occupational therapy, orientation and mobility, school psychology, social work, speech and language therapy, teacher consultants in the areas of autism, hearing impaired, low incidence, speech and language impaired, visually impaired, and transition services.
  • Consultants who serve educators in the Ingham ISD service area in the fields of math, science, social studies, English language arts, early literacy, curriculum, instruction, assessment, and school improvement.
  • Administrators who manage programs and services to accomplish the work of Ingham ISD.
  • Custodial and clerical staff that provide daily support to staff and students.

Total Ingham ISD Employees: 404

Ingham ISD Budget:

General Fund  $28,691,214
Special Education Fund $64,908,917
Career Services and Technical Education Fund                     $9,410,452
Capital Projects and non-major Funds $626,662
Non-major Funds  $265,177
TOTAL $103,902,422