Education 2020

Education 2020

Twenty-two districts from Ingham, Eaton, Jackson and Livingston reviewed and evaluated a variety of online instruction tools during the 2008-09 school year. Based on the results of this work the districts selected E2020 . E2020 will provide students in grades 6-12 with one-on-one, online instruction in core and elective courses. It is designed to help students graduate from high school and is aligned to state and national standards, and effectively uses interactive technology to engage students in learning.

These districts joined together in a E2020 Consortium in order to reduce their overall purchase costs. Districts saved a total of $271,150 by purchasing the licenses as a consortium. Additional savings were also realized by holding joint trainings and centrally locating media servers that provided access to most of the districts in the Consortium.

Distrticts began using this tool for 2009 summer schools. The following quotes are indicitive of the success students are having.

“…an opportunity unlike any other for motivated students to recover credit”

“Students felt less “left behind” … liked the variety of resources and the compact nature of the program”

“E2020 (does not) replace a traditional classroom environment but it does help students who are not successful in this environment to succeed”

“80% of the courses our students attempted were successfully completed”