Distance Learning - Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field Trips

“We can never discover new continents until we have the courage to lose sight of all coasts”
        - Andre Gide

What are virtual field trips?

Now students can travel the world without leaving their classrooms by taking a virtual field trip. Making the connection is as easy as dialing a phone call.

Virtual field trips include a variety of interactive programs. Two popular programs are Read Around the Planet for elementary and middle school students and the ASK (Author, Specialist, Knowledge) program for students in grades K-12. Read Around the Planet provides students with the opportunity to read and share their favorite stories with classrooms across the country. ASK features scheduled interviews with popular authors or subject specialists in a wide range of topics. ASK uses excellent literature, journal writing and interviewing to promote reading for understanding.

What are the benefits of virtual field trips?
  • Access to remote locations such as museums, libraries, zoos, space centers such as NASA
  • Access to experts who would normally be unable to visit
  • Eliminating travel time and expenses
Where can I find more information?

For more virtual destinations check out these sites:

Watch these short clips from virtual field trips to the Columbus Center for Science and Industry and other locations.