Distance Learning - Interactive Classes

Interactive Classes - Sharing Teacher Expertise

What are interactive classes?

Interactive classes, also called shared classes, take place in real time and connect a teacher with one or more classrooms at remote locations. Students interact live with the teacher and classmates in other schools through the use of videoconferencing equipment. Interactive classrooms have large screen televisions or digital projectors so that students in the remote locations can actively engage in learning.

What are the benefits of interactive classes?
  • Shared classes can provide an economical and effective way for schools to maintain low-enrollment classes by sharing instructors with other districts.
  • Shared classes also provide increased curriculum opportunities by allowing students to enroll in courses not offered at their home school, without ever leaving the building.
  • Shared classes may help alleviate the predicted shortage of teachers in science and mathematics and foreign language.
Where can I find more information about available interactive or shared classes?
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