Distance Learning - Blended Classes

Blended Classes

What are blended classes?

Blended classes, sometimes referred to as hybrid classes, combine online learning through the Internet and face-to-face instruction. Students in blended classes spend a significant portion of time in learning activities online and less time learning in the traditional classroom. This allows the student much more flexible scheduling, while maintaining the face-to-face contact with the instructor and classmates. Blended classes can combine with online learning and instruction through videoconferencing as well. Blended classes also use online learning tools such as Blackboard and Adobe Connect to facilitate communication and collaboration between students and the instructor.

What are the advantages of blended classes?
  • Greater time flexibility for students
  • Numerous opportunities to interact with the instructor and fellow students online and in class
  • Students have access to unlimited up-to-date resources available on the web
  • Students often develop or enhance skills in time management, critical thinking and problem solving
  • Instructors learn new ways to collaborate with students using technology
Where can I find more information?

Would you like to learn more about creating a blended class? Watch this ninety minute video The Big Makeover: Creating a Blended Class featuring a panel of instructors, each with a unique approach to creating blended classes.

More resources to help you understand blended classes can be found at: