Michigan Substitute System (CMSS)

Substitute Teaching

Ingham Intermediate School District is part of a tri-county substitute system called the Central Michigan Substitute System (CMSS) using Professional Educational Services Group (PESG) to register and pay substitute teachers/paraprofessionals. If you are interested in substitute teaching, please contact PESG offices at 616.891.0509 or 866.782.7277 or go to www.subpass.com to access PESG information and to download enrollment packets.

Qualifying for Substitute Teaching

To qualify to substitute teach in our area schools you must have a transcript indicating completion of 90 credit hours from a four year college or university with a minimum 2.0 GPA, or hold a valid or expired Michigan Teaching Certificate.

If you will be teaching with 90+ credit hours OR an expired certificate, you are required to apply for a 150 day permit from the Michigan Department of Education. The fee for this permit is $45.00 per school year. This fee is due after the sub permit is submitted into the state and you receive an e-mailed invoice.

Ingham ISD's Special Education Classrooms at Heartwood School

Heartwood School is located on the Ingham ISD campus and is a special needs school for children and adults ages 3 through 26. Heartwood services students with moderate, severe and multiple impairments as well as students with autism spectrum disorders. Substituting at Heartwood can be challenging but also very rewarding. Some, but not all, of our classrooms require help in feeding, lifting, changing and toileting students. Training, as discussed below, will address these supports.

We are seeking both substitute teachers and substitute paraprofessionals to work at Heartwood School. If you are interested in subbing at Heartwood School, you must attend a paid training session at Heartwood. Please call 517.244.1406 to schedule this training session. You will also be required to register with PESG as described above. If you only plan to substitute for Heartwood School, we recommend that you schedule and attend the Heartwood training session prior to registering with PESG in case you decide not to pursue this opportunity after attending the training session.

For more information about substitute opportunities within Ingham ISD visit the PESG website


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