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The Public Relations and Communications (PRC) team supports Ingham ISD’s Mission, Vision and Purpose by promoting programs and services and by increasing community support for public education. Our team provides support to Ingham ISD, local districts and families in the communities we serve through two-way communication, promotion of programs and building relationships with business and legislative leaders in our community and across the state.

The Public Relations and Communications team at Ingham ISD provides communication services to one regional education agency and one local district. The services provided to these organizations are very different, but we have tailored our support to meet their specific needs. Types of communication services available include support with the media, crisis management, social media, website, advertising, writing and graphic design to reach both internal and external audiences. 

An important part of any organization’s identity is its brand. What others think, feel and see when people mention a public school, is what defines our brand. It is critical to have a unified look to materials, presentations, spreadsheets, advertising and media outreach, so we are recognized for our work. Equally as important is consistent and timely communication with key stakeholders. Communication and branding efforts take time and need planning. If you would like more information about what services we can provide tailored to fit your needs, please call us.  We are happy to support the great work happening in our public schools.


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Stacy Adado
Communications Specialist
Micki O'Neil
Director, Public Relations and Communications
Sara Parkinson
Communication Specialist
Lonnie Thomas
Admin Assistant, Public Relations & Communications