Students - Social Studies

About: Geography
Provides over 700 excellent geography sites, including a comprehensive collection of printable black-line maps.

American Memory from the Library of Congress
Provides a collection of primary source and archival material related to American culture and history.

Biographies, Videos and Interviews
Offers an opportunity to search and browse a biography database of more than 25,000 of the greatest names, past and present. Grades 5-12.

H Net
Allows participation in a discussion group regarding Michigan history with a wide range of links to Michigan history related sites.

History Net
Offers a comprehensive list of historical facts.

HyperHistory Online
Provides an expanding scientific project which presents 3,000 years of world history with an interactive combination of synchronoptic lifelines, timelines, and maps.

Produces a map you can zoom in or out on or pan in any direction for any city or state.

National Archives
Offers a primary source of documents with digitized versions of American history's greatest hits, incidental source material, and strong educational resources.

New York Times Learning Network
Provides a daily news source and learning/teaching companion to the New York Times with monthly "Special News Packages" on hot current-events topics, daily interactive news quizzes, and the Student Voices section for student news reports.