Students - English

Provides a new vocabulary word and its definition every day.

Acronym Finder
Offers a database and definitions for more than 100,000 acronyms.

English Grammar 101
Provides an innovative, interactive, self-paced and self-correcting, tutorial, which makes learning English grammar clear, comprehensible, and fun. Check back for additional units and similar tutorials. Grades 3-12.

Great Books Online
Find famous quotes and sayings of hundreds of famous authors, politicians, poets, and other notables on this unabridged and searchable database of Bartlett's Familiar Quotations.

Reference Desk
Includes reference site-of-the-day, facts-of-the-day, headline news, Google search engine, reference resources, dictionaries and thesauri, and links to many facts.

Shakespeare Illustrated
Links Shakespeare's plays with thousands of paintings based on these literary works.

The Academy of American Poets
Features essays, biographies of poets, poems, and RealAudio clips. Search for a particular author or literary piece.