ACT's EPAS® Educational Planning and Assessment System was developed in response to the need for all students to be prepared for high school and the transitions they make after graduation. The EPAS System is comprised of three assessments: EXPLORE®, PLAN® and the ACT®.

EXPLORE, PLAN, and the ACT are assessments which measure students' progressive development of knowledge and skills in the same academic areas from grades 8 through 12 (English, mathematics, reading and science). Therefore, the scores from these three programs can help educators and parents monitor students' academic growth over time.

Ingham County students take the EXPLORE in 8th grade, the PLAN in 10th grade and the ACT as part of the Michigan Merit Examination in the 11th grade.

EXPLORE and PLAN are administered to students during the regular school day at the school's convenience. EXPLORE and PLAN are made up of four academic achievement tests and other key components:

  • Tests in English, math, reading and science-just like the ACT
  • A career interest inventory that can help students find the best career choices
  • A guide that explains what scores mean and how to can use them

PLAN also provides an estimated ACT score-one of the best indicators of readiness for college-and connects your son or daughter to more information about college and financial aid choices.

ACT research shows that schools using EPAS see significant improvements in their students' readiness for college.